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You May Love Oscar Isaac, But Chelsea Peretti Saw Him First

By Courtney Enlow | Podcasts | January 5, 2016 |

By Courtney Enlow | Podcasts | January 5, 2016 |

2011. It doesn’t seem that far away but it was another world entirely. The year of Charlie Sheen’s complete and total implosion. The year we discovered the Terminator had sperminated and Arnold Schwarzenegger had a secret love child. The year Courtney Stodden happened. Remember her? She was a whole thing.

What precious few of us had was an Oscar Isaac to love and call our very own. But one prescient being saw what the rest of us wouldn’t for years. That amazing creature was Chelsea Peretti.

In April 2011, Peretti appeared on the eighth episode of How Did This Get Made. The movie: the Zack Snyder pedo-y neckbeard of a shitbag mess, Sucker Punch. And Peretti was the one who saw the greatness within that we would one day all share.

Oscar talk starts at 13:01. They only know him as Blue. Because they Just. Didn’t Know.

Jason Mantzoukas: This guy is like baby Nicolas Cage.
Peretti: He was great.
JM: His performance is bonkers. His mustache is insane.
CP: WHY? It was a great job.
JM: What? Are you into this guy? What’s the story? I feel like you’re into this guy.
CP: I think he did a great job.
JM: Do you know him?
CP: No.
JM: Are you dating this guy?
CP: Nope. Just solidly a fan of his acting.

CP: I loved it when he was humming and walking. He was good, man.
Paul Scheer: Stop it. Stop that. He had a crazy creepy mustache, he had a pedophile—
JM: That’s your guy. Pedophile, mustache, rapey…
PS: Wearing, like, an ugly dinner jacket.
CP: He delivered a solid performance. He really did. And no one can deny that.
JM: I feel like if we went to your house right now, your computer’s history is just that guy.

Same, Chelsea. Same.

Thank you, Ms. Peretti, for giving this man his due long before we jumped on your wagon.


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