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What’s Going on with ‘Lucifer’ and Will There be a Season 5?

By Kate Hudson | Streaming | June 4, 2019 |

By Kate Hudson | Streaming | June 4, 2019 |


Friends, Lucifer is one of my favorite trashy shows. For those of you who aren’t watching (and honestly, if you love trash like I do, you should be) it’s about the devil who has come to earth because he’s mad at his dad (you know, God) and inexplicably solves crimes with the foxy detective Chloe Decker (who also used to be a movie star) because if I know one thing about the LADP, they definitely let civilian night club owners who also happen to be the devil become crime solvers alongside their highly trained and vetted detectives.


Also, and this is no exaggeration, it is by far one of the most attractive casts assembled, basically ever.

So, you can imagine my disappointment when Lucifer was unceremoniously dumped by Fox last season, because this show is really, really, gloriously dumb and trashy and I need it on my TV screen forever.

Enter Netflix, who saved the day and gave the show a fourth season. Which is important, because the end of the third season saw Chloe Decker finally accept that Lucifer was Satan, the Lord of Hell. That’s hilarious, because Lucifer literally goes by the name “Lucifer Morningstar” on this show and that’s not a very common name, like “Steve Johnson” or something. He never tried to hide his identity. He revels in it, even. How many people do you know in your real life that have the name “Lucifer” that aren’t sullen teenagers going through a phase? It never ceases to delight me when the characters, who have been presented with all of the anecdotal evidence from the start of the show, suddenly freak out because what they’ve been told since the beginning turns out to be true.

If this were an HBO show, or even a show on basic cable, undoubtedly the writers would explore the nature of denial in the human condition. Lucifer is not that type of show, thank all that is good and holy. So you get really hot people acting really dumb, and it’s glorious. Everything is a surprise to them.

So what is it about this show that makes it so delightful? Light spoilers for the first few episodes of season 4 and what’s come before it. Don’t worry, this isn’t the type of show where a spoiler would impact your enjoyment of it. Trust me.

Well, for one thing, Lucifer has a hot angel brother who was initially sent down to earth to make him go back to hell, but now, after some shenanigans, they’re cool, and also, he’s gotten a shrink pregnant. The big mystery now is: is he still an angel? If so, how did he get a shrink pregnant? How is he not still an angel, because he literally flew the body of the woman whose own body was the vessel for the wife of God in season two, to heaven, at the end of season 3? (How do you not want to watch this show after that last sentence?!?)


Also, his hot brother is played by Robin Wood, the slayer’s son from the last season of Buffy and it took me ages to put two and two together, so you’re welcome.

For another thing, Lucifer’s enforcer at the nightclub he owns (because yup, he owns a nightclub and is prone to gathering people around the dance floor while he sings mournful versions of popular songs. This is very much a common thing that happens in LA, if you didn’t know) is a super hot demon, Mazikeen, who goes by Maze. Maze likes knives but also, through the course of the show, has discovered the importance of female friendships. So, she hangs out with Chloe and the shrink a lot. She also has a special relationship with Chloe’s daughter, so that’s sweet.


Then there’s Daniel, Chloe’s ex, who is also a hot detective but who kind of sort of wants to be a comedian, so at some point, Lucifer discovers him at an improv class. Daniel, if I recall correctly, was boning Lucifer’s mom for a bit, then he boned the lady who was the vessel for Lucifer’s mom, after Lucifer’s mom went into a new dimension to create life and be her own God, and the lady was given back her body. This is the same lady that was flown to heaven after she died at the end of season three. Her name was Charlotte, and honestly, I expect to see her return to the show in some form or other eventually because that’s the type of show Lucifer is.


The actor who plays Daniel was Lafayette’s hot man-witch boyfriend in True Blood.

Then we have Chloe, who is supposedly smart on the show, but her actions belie someone who is deeply dumb (for the sake of plot, obviously.) My favorite part about Chloe is that after she finally accepted that Lucifer was in fact Satan at the end of season 3, she took her daughter and ran away to Rome, and then somehow gets mixed up in a plot to send Lucifer back to hell, at the start of season 4 because she put her faith in a wackadoo Roman priest who decided to come to LA. But here’s the thing, Chloe wants to bone Lucifer, so she quickly drops the “send him back to hell” thing and quickly readopts the “I want to bone him, but I need to drag this out for the sake of the sexual tension on the show” thing.

Chloe is Lucifer’s kryptonite, literally. He’s indestructible except when he’s around her, which lead to one of my favorite episodes in the series (season 2) where she was in a coma in a hospital, and for some reason he had to go back to hell to interrogate someone (I think the person in question had poisoned Chloe or something and only he knew the antidote to said poison). Anyway, so the ragtag team of Maze and the shrink (her name is Linda, but I’ve never really learned her name, I call her the shrink in my head, because we’re introduced to her because she’s boning Lucifer in exchange for her services, so clearly she’s not a legitimate medical professional, so why not call her by a derisive term?) stop his heart so he can go to hell to get the intel on the antidote, only he throws a hissy fit whilst there and refuses to come back, so his mom has to go to hell to talk him into coming back. Anyway, Lucifer goes back to hell on a lark more than you’d think, so I’m not sure why the big drama of season 4 is about returning him to hell? Honestly, that’s why I love this show.

Then we have the man himself, Lucifer, who is inexplicably British, but also, very, very hot. That’s kind of all you need to know about him. He’s prone to using his devil face to get what he wants or convince people to tell him the truth, and I’m pretty sure Chloe has seen him do this before, so it’s still a surprise why she was so freaked out when she finally accepted that Lucifer is Satan.


(I mean, he says s*it like that, in front of her, and at some point, you maybe have to explore the possibility that he’s not kidding?!)

Also, he helps solves crimes, because that’s definitely something you associate with Satan, no?

Anyway, I’m sure by now you’re convinced you want to watch this show if you haven’t already, so the only lingering question is: will there be a season 5 on Netflix?


Honestly, it’s up in the air, so please go watch season 4 of Lucifer now. It’s just as bats*it bananas as ever. I promise you. You don’t even need to have seen the seasons that came before it because there’s no character growth. It’s hot people being dumb and putting themselves into ridiculous situations all the while solving murders. The last episode I watched, they just introduced the character of “Eve” (yes, THAT Eve) by having her order an appletini at a bar. If that doesn’t convince you to watch this show, nothing will.

Kate is a staff contributor. You can follow her on Twitter.

Header Image Source: YouTube/Netflix

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