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Evidence that Steven Avery Molested Brendan Dassey Resurfaces, Again

By Dustin Rowles | Streaming | September 13, 2016 |

By Dustin Rowles | Streaming | September 13, 2016 |

Though we included the entire transcript of a telephone conversation between Brendan Dassey and his mom, where Dassey admitted that Steven Avery molested him (and others), the issue is being raised again after The Wrap obtained transcripts containing Dassey’s statements on the issue (again, the same transcript we posted six weeks ago).

The same transcript, which was not included in the Netflix Making a Murderer documentary, also includes an admission by Brendan to his mother that he was an accomplice in the murder of Teresa Halbach (Dassey did not know that his telephone conversation with his mother was being recorded). This phone call was recorded soon after Dassey gave a confession that was unethically (and arguably illegally) obtained.

Brendan: They just asked me if I wanted to say something to [Halbach’s family], on the tape.
Mom: Did you?
Brendan: Just that I was sorry for what I did.

Mom: Did [Avery] make you do this?
Brendan: Ya.
Mom: Then why didn’t you tell him that.
Brendan: Tell him what
Mom: That Steven made you do it. You know he made you do a lot of things.
Brendan: Ya, I told them that. I even told them about Steven touching me and that.
Mom: What do you mean touching you?
Brendan: He would grab me somewhere where I was uncomfortable.
Mom: Brendan I am your mother.
Brendan. Ya.
Mom: Why didn’t you come to me? Why didn’t you tell me? Was this all before this happened?
Brendan: What do you mean?
Mom: All before this happened, did he touch you before all this stuff happened to you.
Brendan: Ya.
Mom: Why didn’t you come to me, because then he would have been gone then and this wouldn’t have happened.
Brendan: Ya ..
Mom: Yes, and you would still be here with me.
Brendan: Yes, Well you know I did it.
Mom: Huh
Brendan. You know he always touched us and that.
Mom: I didn’t think there. He used to horse around with you guys.
Brendan: Ya, but you remember he would always do stuff to Brian and that.
Mom: What do you mean.
Brendan: Well he would like fake pumping him
Mom: Goofing around
Brendan: Ya but, like that one time when he was going with what’s her name Jessica .. sister. Mom: Teresa?
Brendan: Ya. That one day when she was over, Steven and Blaine and Brian and I was downstairs and Steven was touching her and that.

Nevertheless, Steven Avery’s new lawyer, Katherine Zellner, believes that she has evidence that will exonerate Avery based on new Luminol testing. Luminol testing highlights previously undetectable blood, making it glow like this (via Bustle)


It is unclear whether Zellner has already conducted the testing, and it’s also unclear whether any undetectable evidence would still exist years after the grisly crimes.

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