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Dark Details About Punisher Emerge from the 'Daredevil' Season 2 Trailer Screening

By Cindy Davis | Streaming | December 8, 2015 |

By Cindy Davis | Streaming | December 8, 2015 |

Lucky fans who attended the recent Netflix panel at Brazil’s Comic Con Experience were treated to the first season 2 Daredevil footage, introduced by Charlie Cox, Jon Bernthal and Elodie Yung (Elektra), and Tumblr user Cherryvane has shared a detailed description of the screening.

****Spoiler Warning:
Obviously, purported spoilers for Season 2 ahead.***


Cherryvane describes the opening scene of Cox’s Matt Murdock suited up as Daredevil, entering what appears to be a large, refrigerated room with slabs of meat hanging from the ceiling. Daredevil stands listening in the dimly lit room listening, and the camera pans to reveal bodies hanging among the slabs; Murdock checks each for signs of life.

“Matt searches the corpses with his super senses, not touching, only trying for heart beats, once he finds someone he rush to aid the man: ‘I’ll take you of that’ (or something like it), he says as he tries to take the barely alive man off the hook.

After succeeding, he lays the guy (that I have no idea of how he could be alive considering how badly injured the dude was) on the ground and say something along the lines ‘Why did they do this to you?’ In which the guy mumbles ‘They? It was just a guy.’ Matt stays dead silent, camera focusing on him.”

The next scene features a rooftop sniper at night; a figure with a rifle aimed at a taxi. The sniper is revealed as Bernthal’s Frank Castle aka Punisher and Daredevil confronts him before Castle is able to shoot.

“Running on the rooftop, he jumps and kicks the gun, amazingly diving over Frank to stop him. They soon engage on a fight, but when it was getting interesting and intense as fuck the scene was cut with the Daredevil logo and ‘2016 - NETFLIX.’”

Cherryvane adds that Murdock wore his “early uniform” from Season 1, and didn’t seem to know who Punisher was, so it sounds like the scene described may be our (and Daredevil’s) first introduction to Frank Castle. Many fans think Daredevil will score a new suit this upcoming season; this photo (brightened here) was posted to Marvel’s DD Facebook page in September:


Read the full description here.

Interestingly, Frank Miller also appeared at the Comic-Con Experience and after admitting he hasn’t watched the Netflix series, Miller was asked how he felt about Elektra’s inclusion in Daredevil.

“…they can call it whatever you want, but not It will be the real Elektra.”

The comic writer who created — “Yes, I’m her father” — Elektra doesn’t seem to want the character (***Spoiler! he killed off) revived. Hmm…it’ll be interesting to see if her written history prevails.

Daredevil returns to Netflix in 2016.

Cindy Davis, (Twitter)

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