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When Worlds Collide: Pop Culture Crossovers We'd Like To See

By Hannah Sole | Miscellaneous | March 15, 2018 |

By Hannah Sole | Miscellaneous | March 15, 2018 |


Crossovers and mashups can be inspired; they might represent a beautiful bit of cultural matchmaking, a marriage of true minds, if you will, like the Archer / Bob’s Burgers crossover. They might be seen as a safe investment, if studios can rely on two sets of fandoms coming together as one to shower them with money. Some have limited potential beyond the initial pitch; the ‘Versus’ films, for example, are basically just Horror Top Trumps playing out on screen. Some have been years in the making; the first part of the ultimate Marvel crossover project, Infinity War, is only a month away now, and this represents the climax of a Huge Long Term Plan to bring our heroes together for a giant spectacular. But why stop there?

Over at Pajiba-central, aka TK’s Basement (OK, on Slack), we’ve been thinking about crossovers we’d like to see. Who could we force together for a bit of fun? Like our matchmaking chat on Valentine’s Day, if the rules of genres and universes could be bent (or completely ignored), which TV shows and movies would we join together in holy matrimony, or just, you know, for a one-off? Quick, get every major studio on the phone, because these are golden and we’re all totally going to be millionaires…

Bond / Mission Impossible
We know that Daniel Craig needs to cut down on the running around, but he still wants to be Bond. (‘Wants’ might be a strong word here.) So, pair him up with the guy who won’t stop doing all the running around, even when he breaks bones. Tom Cruise can have fun doing all the high impact and high concept stunts that he loves, and Daniel Craig can be sarcastic over the radio. Problem solved, fortune made.

24 / Homeland
Jack and Carrie: two ridiculously intense agents, forced to work together for the greater good, each finding the other’s methods highly questionable but for different reasons. They would get the job done, eventually. But it would be messy.



Good Girls / Claws
They’d butt heads at first, but end up bonding over drinks while sharing tips on how to deal with fuckboys of all kinds and getting themselves out of sticky situations that could get them killed or thrown in jail. And if Nancy from Weeds happens to show up (with iced coffee in hand, of course), even better. (H/T Brian)

Buffy / Blade
Blade just busts in and kills everything, staring impassively at the Scoobies every time they make a Whedon quip, until they awkwardly stammer and look away. The episode ends with him walking away, muttering “did not know who they were fucking with”. (H/T TK)


It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia / Friends
The It’s Always Sunny gang confront the Friends gang. Either the Friends decide to go out to drink something other than coffee for a change and end up in Paddy’s, or the Sunny gang do one of their occasional self-improvement trips and they end up in Central Perk. Either way, the Sunny gang can hear the Friends audience’s laughter, and they end up locking them all somewhere and probably burning them to death. You can already hear Charlie frantically repeating “on a break” over and over again, right? (H/T Petr and Roxana)

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia / The Mick / A.P. Bio
Why settle for a double when you can make it a triple? In my dream world, I would somehow engineer a kind of bizarro It’s Always Sunny, The Mick, and A.P. Bio mash-up, one where the Gang addresses that Dennis will probably be MIA in the upcoming season, finds out that he’s moonlighting as a biology teacher to cover up his serial killing, and then learns that Mickey from The Mick is actually one of Sweet Dee’s characters. (H/T Roxana)

Lost / The Good Place
The plane crashes, and everyone looks confused and scared until they are immediately greeted by a platinum fox called Michael, and his fabulous assistant, Janet. It’s Michael’s new experiment: The Purgatory Place. Welcome! Everything’s Fine! No, you’re not dead!


Star Trek: The Next Generation / X-Men
I think this one wins. Because, brace yourselves, it already exists. In the 1998 novel Planet X, Picard and Storm have the hots for each other. And there’s an uncanny resemblance between Picard and Xavier… (H/T Tori)

Tell us about your crossover ideas in the comments!

Hannah Sole is a Staff Contributor. You can follow her on Twitter.

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