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Trump Continues His Transformation Into the Darkest Timeline's Bobby Newport

By Vivian Kane | Miscellaneous | September 25, 2016 |

By Vivian Kane | Miscellaneous | September 25, 2016 |

Since the beginning of his campaign, the similarities between Donald Trump and a certain fictional political candidate have been glaring to the point of absurdity. Once you’ve noticed it, it’s impossible to ever unsee that Trump is essentially Parks and Recreation’s Bobby Newport.


The biggest difference is that while Bobby is terrible yet adorable, Trump is just terrible. A lot of that is due to the fact that Bobby was played by Paul Rudd, who is incapable of not being adorable, but it helped that he was, again, fictional, and therefore not actually at risk of running anything and potentially destroying our lives and country.

Still, the similarities are eerily undeniable. They were both born into immense privilege, with wealthy, despicable fathers.

And yet somehow have sold themselves on a ludicrous “man of the people” image.


Both set the bar so low that they were able to convince their constituents that their nonsense words actually sometimes sound like ideas.


Both tricked the voters into seeing them as actual, viable candidates, even though when you hold their qualifications and knowledge up against their opponents, it makes NO SENSE.


Oh, and both have zero interest in women, or the issues that affect them.


These similarities have always been apparent, but we’ve just taken a huge step towards having to admit that either Trump is deliberately pranking us, or that this is the darkest timeline, and Trump actually is our real-life Bobby Newport.

Or maybe the Clinton campaign is just full of Parks & Recreation fans. Because remember when Leslie Knope was fretting over not feeling comfortable making an attack ad, but had reached the point in the campaign where she couldn’t ignore Newport’s idiocy anymore? So she made a commercial in which she used Bobby’s own words to shine a light on his lack of credentials.

Now the Clinton campaign has done the same thing. They don’t need anything but Trump’s own words to tell the world how awful he would be in office.

But remember, this is Trump, not Paul Rudd. Which means, while it’s as brilliant as Leslie Knope’s version, Trump isn’t (just) an idiot. He’s dangerous, and hateful. So this is genius, but scary, and disturbing.