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They're Not Gone! What Some of Your Favorite People Had Going On At SXSW

By Vivian Kane | Miscellaneous | March 23, 2015 |

By Vivian Kane | Miscellaneous | March 23, 2015 |

Whenever an actor we love leaves a TV show or makes a great movie without an immediate follow-up, there’s always the fear that they’ll fade into obscurity. And since we as pop culture-loving humans tend to get unhealthily attached to actors like they’re our actual friends, this idea is upsetting to us. SXSW this year was full of movies starring actors we know and love and see all the time (Amy Schumer, Nick Kroll, Sally Field, Oscar Isaac, just to name a few), but there was also a nice array of actors we haven’t been seeing enough of.

Adam Pally, Night Owls
Adam Pally hasn’t been gone from our TVs for long, but if you were worried he might be on the road to disappeardom after leaving The Mindy Project, never fear. Night Owls is a better than fine, almost pretty great dark romcom about a man (Pally) helping his boss’ mistress (Rosa Salazar) through a suicide attempt. If that sounds like someone tried to remake The Apartment and hoped no one would notice, you wouldn’t be wrong. But hey, there are worse movies you could draw inspiration from, and worse faces than Pally’s (and Salazar’s) to stare at for 90 minutes. You know, just to tide you over till that Happy Endings reunion definitely happens.

Rashida Jones, Angie Tribeca
Rashida Jones has been laying pretty low the last few years, after leaving Pawnee. She’s done a few small projects, but now she’s finally headlining her own show. That’s the good news. The bad news? Angie Tribeca will be on TBS, which isn’t exactly known for its original programming. Also bad news: the show isn’t great. To be fair, this slapsticky absurdist spoof type of comedy isn’t really my thing. If that IS your thing, you may very well like this show. Rashida’s great and it comes from Steve and Nancy Carell, and it definitely IS better than this trailer makes it look.

Plus, Bill Murray shows up in a later episode. So you should probably give it a shot.

Jay Duplass, Manson Family Vacation
These days you can’t turn around without bumping into a Mark Duplass. But a Jay Duplass? That’s a rarer sighting. Our SXSW contingent was divided on Manson Family Vacation, but was generally appreciated as a disconcertingly light take on a very disturbing story. Duplass plays Nick, a stuffy, frustrated lawyer, whose adopted brother Conrad (Linas Phillips) comes to town with a newfound obsession with Charles Mason.

Colin Hanks, All Things Must Pass
Okay, so this isn’t a project that will let you enjoy Hanks’ acting, but if you’ve been wondering what Gus has been up to since the end of his Fargo run, here’s the answer. This Tower Records documentary marks his directorial debut, and while I love seeing his mini-Hanks face on my TV, this movie is an undeniably exciting direction for him.

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