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"I'm Gonna Erase You From The Record Books Of Rap": The 9 Best Quotes From Martin Shkreli's Diss Video To Ghostface Killah

By Petr Navovy | Miscellaneous | January 29, 2016 |

By Petr Navovy | Miscellaneous | January 29, 2016 |

TMZ have obtained a video.

Maybe the video.

It seems that we are living in a new Golden Age of Celebrity Feuds, because alongside the Flat Earth Throwdown that is B.o.B vs. Neil DeGrasse Tyson (and how amazing is that sentence still to say?!), we now have Martin ‘PharmaDouche’ Shkreli allowing us another glimpse into his shriveled piss-peanut brain by dissing Ghostface Killah of the Wu-Tang Clan in the most pathetic, cringe-grin-inducing sight since- … Well, when’s the last time Gwyneth Paltrow decided to try and guess the price of some milk?

The diss video seems to be in response to Ghostface recently calling Shkreli a ‘shithead’ and criticising him for the AIDS drugs price hike that made him (in)famous, saying, ‘what he did with the AIDS [drug] like that, that’s not right, that’s not right.’ Ghostface also made fun of Shkreli’s nose at a later date, and said, ‘I’ll break your heart in four days.’ Which sounds to me like something Sterling Archer might say, thus making it the best insult ever.

But now Shrkeli has seen fit to respond, and so we have this broadcast, from what I guess must be the dingy panic room/jerk-off station of his gargoyle-filled penthouse. Surrounding himself with some masked friends-for-hire and sipping on red wine Shkreli delivers a series of threats and insults that sound like they were focus tested on a group of businessmen in their 80s remembering what sounded tough in their youth.

It’s absolute gold in its entirety. Forget your coffee, because the pure, unadulterated beauty of this will invigorate you instantly.

Here are some choice lines:

‘Dennis! I’m gonna call you by your government name… You’re not a ghost face killer, I’m sorry.’

‘You think you’re the only tough guy in New York City, but — I’m sorry, you don’t know us.’

‘I’m gonna erase you from the record books of rap!’

‘You’re my son, you have to listen to me! I butter your bread, you understand me?’

‘I expect you to write me a written apology, from the heart. Some contrition. Some long letter where you explain your sorrow and sadness for what you’ve done.’

‘You’re an old man. You’re an old man that’s lost his relevance and you’re trying to reclaim the spotlight from my spotlight. That’s not gonna work, Ghost. Dennis!’

‘Why are your goons not as hard as mine?’

‘Most people don’t ever try to beef with me. You know why? Nobody’s that dumb!’

‘Don’t ever fucking mention my name again. Or there’ll be… There’ll be more-… More a price to pay than just this video.’ (As a bonus look at how he glances at one of his goons during that last line! It’s amazing! Like, ‘Am I doing this right? Is… Was that tough?’)

You can watch the whole glorious car crash of obliviousness and entitled wealth here:

Doesn’t it all just really remind you of something?

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 07.10.06.png

Which, by the way — guess who’s also in that that I never noticed:

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 07.14.08.png


(Thanks Fabius_Maximus for the YouTube link!)

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