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The 15 Most Mind-Numbingly Banal Things We Learned About the Cast of The Change-Up from the Junket Press

By Dustin Rowles | Miscellaneous | August 3, 2011 |

By Dustin Rowles | Miscellaneous | August 3, 2011 |

  • That Jason Bateman, in fact, “really longs to direct.” (HuffPo)

  • Ryan Reynolds wears Paco Rabanne cologne; Jason Bateman also used to wear that, as well as Aramis. (Moviefone)

  • Although Jason Bateman stated with no uncertainty on “The Daily Show” last night that there was “no significant update” on the Arrested Development movie, and even mocked the “fringe media” for making something out of nothing, the CNN Marquee blog led with, “The progress on the rumored ‘Arrested Development’ movie seems to be coming along slowly, but surely,” even though the actual quote from Bateman suggested very little to that effect. (CNN)

  • During “Arrested Development,” Jason Bateman never wore underwear. (Moviefone)

  • Leslie Mann uses oil in her hair. (Moviefone)

  • Bateman saw a football game, a basketball game, a hockey game and a baseball game during filming in Atlanta. (Collider)

  • Olivie Wilde didn’t know that her butt would be in The Change-Up until the movie was screened. (Access Hollywood)

  • Olivia Wilde would swap careers with Robert Redford (MTV), but she’d swapped bodies with “Ryan Gosling’s girlfriend.” (LA Times)

  • Leslie Mann, separately, also would want to swap body’s with Ryan Gosling’s girlfriend. (MSN)

  • Reynolds had a difficult time in Atlanta. On the first day of shooting, his trailer caught fire. Then, during “the following month it just sort of snowballed. My hotel room flooded. My dog got sick. I came down with a slight case of divorce - and I broke my pinky finger. (

  • In real-life, personality-wise, Ryan Reynolds thinks he’s somewhere in the middle between the two characters in The Change-up. (Latino Review)

  • Ryan Reynolds met Jason Bateman when he was 19 years old. He was the first guy in Hollywood to be nice to him. (MSN)

  • The idea of a blind date gives Olivia Wilde “hives.” (MSN)

  • Working together was a “dream come true” for Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds. (Belfast Telegraph)

  • Olivia Wilde likes “to be shocked, likes to laugh real hard.” (JoBlo)

  • And the award for the most nonsensical response to a question goes to director David Dobkin, who was asked if he got to do any visual gags in The Change-Up:

    Yeah, this movie is very visual. I got to do a lot of stuff with the camera, just yesterday there was a scene where… I don’t want to give anything up. I haven’t decided what I’m supposed to say yet or not, but yeah, there’s the opportunity to do that. I tend not to resist a little bit of that, and I think that’s sometimes… I like the R-rating to be out there and really push things, but I think that part of the language of the camera is from a broader sensibility and I think that it makes it feel a little more fun and a little more safe sometimes. Sometimes, I wish not so much, but I kind of can’t help myself. (Collider)