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Ten Things You Never Knew About The Wiggles

By Lord Castleton | Miscellaneous | November 29, 2019 |

By Lord Castleton | Miscellaneous | November 29, 2019 |


10) Captain Feathersword trained to be an opera singer and has a degree in music

I’m not sure you’d recognize Paul Paddick on the street without his pirate getup:

9) There was a little bad blood over the Yellow skivvy

I don’t know the dudes in the front row, but the back row is made up of everyone who has worn a Wiggles ‘skivvy’ as they call them. Except for Sam Moran. Who’s Sam Moran? Well, back in 2006 when Greg Page, the original Yellow Wiggle, was diagnosed with disautonomia, which causes fatigue and loss of balance, Sam Moran stepped in to don the yellow skivvy. He had spent five years as a backup performer with the Wiggles, as characters like Wags the Dog and Henry the Octopus. The Yellow Wiggle is the group’s lead singer, so it was a prestigious bump for Moran.

He worked as a salaried employee (and not a full partner like the other three) until 2012, when he was informed on his daughter’s second birthday that Greg was returning to the band. Moran handled the abrupt quasi-sacking with grace and the Wiggles took a huge PR hit in Australia and elsewhere for how they handled the whole thing, especially when it came out that he was known as “the salaried wiggle” behind the scenes. Certainly this interview with Wiggle mastermind Anthony Field (the Blue Wiggle) makes him sound pretty ruthless.

Moran has continued his work with children since his departure.

8) Anthony, the Blue Wiggle, is the main guy behind everything (along with his brothers Paul and John) and is all tatted up.


He’s apparently a workout junkie. His battles with depression and chronic pain almost forced him to quit The Wiggles.

7) They came up with the wiggly-finger thing to stave off any potential claims of child molestation

They have a strict rule about not making physical contact with children and have adopted the wiggle finger thing as a protective tool.

6) Murray Cook, the original Red Wiggle, is 6’5’ and was named the sixth-best guitarist in Australia. He owns a huge collection of vintage and rare guitars. He also can’t shoot a basketball to save his life.

Universally well-liked and even-keeled, Murray or ‘Muzz’ would serve as the mediator for group disagreements.

5) The Wiggles are all members of the Australian Chivalric Order created by Queen Elizabeth II

The ranking goes:


The Wiggles hit the charts at #4: Members.

4) Jeff Fatt, the original Purple Wiggle, was traumatized by early performances because he wasn’t used to being around kids. He’s not narcoleptic but falls asleep all the time for real.

The oldest member of the group, and the only member of the Wiggles without a background in early childhood education, Jeff Fatt or ‘Fatty’ was kind of freaked out by kids at first. The song “Wake Up Jeff” was inspired by his actual propensity to catch naps anywhere. Fatt was thrilled about the sketch because he could just do nothing on stage while everyone else sang and danced. The sketch eventually became “Wake up Lachy” when Lachlan Gillespie took over for Fatt as the Purple Wiggle in 2012.

3) Greg Page, the original Yellow Wiggle, is an Elvis fanatic and owned the fourth largest personal Elvis collection in the world before donating it to an Elvis museum.


The collection was valued at 1.5 million dollars.

2) The Wiggles rake in around 30 million dollars a year

To give you an example of the type of money they make, when Greg the Yellow Wiggle retired in 2006 they bought his stake back from him for 20 million dollars. They hit their revenue peak at $45 million in 2009 and then suffered a drop every year until they retooled the group with younger performers and the first-ever female Wiggle, Emma Watkins.

1) The new Purple Wiggle and the new Yellow Wiggle, Emma Watkins and Lachlan Gillespie, had had a secret love affair for two years.

They eventually married in 2016, but divorced in 2018. They continue to work together.

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