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This Unofficial 'Keanu' Marketing Campaign Is Aggressively Over-the-Top Adorable

By Vivian Kane | Miscellaneous | February 22, 2016 |

By Vivian Kane | Miscellaneous | February 22, 2016 |

It’s become common nowadays for filmmakers to give us plebs behind-the-scenes bonuses via their social media accounts. James Gunn did this with Guardians of the Galaxy. Ryan Reynolds gave us a bunch of looks at his Deadpool process. And lucky for us, director Peter Atencio is doing this in anticipation of his upcoming movie Keanu.

You know Keanu, right? Key, Peele, Cute Cat Keanu?

(Green band trailer here, for you SFW folks)

This is probably the movie I’m most looking forward to this year (at least through November before Rogue One madness hits), but there are only so many times you can watch a trailer. I need something else to tide me over until April. Enter Atencio’s social media accounts. He’s been kind enough to post some cool behind the scenes stuff, like this slow-mo badassery:

Shooting our poster with the brilliant & talented @vonswank

A video posted by Peter Atencio (@atencio) on

But that’s not where the real joy of his Instagram and Twitter lies. No, the best thing about Atencio’s Keanu promotions is that this guy is a real and true cat person. Big time:

Throwback Tuesday (it's a thing now) to me an my baby boys

A photo posted by Peter Atencio (@atencio) on

So when Atencio, who also directed Key & Peele, wants to promote a movie about an adorable kitten, he knows how to do it. With more cats. Cats related to entirely different movies, but who cares because HOLY CRAP LOOK AT THE KITTENS.

Aw geez, he’s got cute kittens solving murders. But he’s also got TERRIFYING CATS beckoning you to Valhalla.

Here’s Kitty.

Having to wait two more months before this movie comes out feels like torture, but if that means we get eight more reen-cat-ments of various movies, I suppose that’s better than okay.

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