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Bad News, 'Gilmore Girls' Fans: Your Favorite Character Wasn't Even Invited Back to the Revival

By Vivian Kane | Miscellaneous | February 2, 2016 |

By Vivian Kane | Miscellaneous | February 2, 2016 |

News of the new Gilmore Girls revival season has been trickling in for a few months now. Netflix didn’t actually confirm they were starting production until just a few days ago, but from unofficial reports and leaked set pictures, there were a good number of things that we could assume we knew. Just to name a few, we’d been led to believe that:

—The series would consist of four 90-minute episodes.
—Those episodes would span the length of a year, one episode taking place in each season.
—A bunch of beloved Stars Hollows locations were being prepped for shooting.
—Luke was a go! (But either there are on-set deceptive code words or he’s living with his sister instead of Lorelei.)

Lauren Graham steals stuff!
—Melissa McCarthy will be involved.

Now, to be fair, that last point hadn’t actually been said or even hinted at. Actually, no mention at all of McCarthy’s involvement had been put out there. But we all assumed she’d be in this right? Sookie St. James is only hands-down the best character to ever be featured on the show. If she’s not going to be in this, the only reasonable explanation is that Sookie and Paris Gellar are getting their own spin-off together, right? RIGHT? SOOKIE HAS TO BE IN GILMORE GIRLS OR WHAT EVEN IS GILMORE GIRLS?

And then today, Melissa McCarthy maybe just had one too many fans shout their all-caps love and anticipation at her and she told us the confusing news. Not only is she not a part of the new season, but she wasn’t even invited.

What? I mean… what? I’m not even upset. I’m just confused. No, wait I’m also upset. You know what I am?


Why would no one ask Sookie to come back to Stars Hollow? That’s just crazy, right? Is that not crazy?


You know what, this is fine. It would be great if Melissa McCarthy had Gilmore Girls quality material again, something more worthy of her talent than whatever wig = comedy bullcrap this is:

But, no matter what the reason for the slight, good for McCarthy for taking the high road here. If she’s okay, we’re okay.

Actually, I’m not 100% I’m okay. I WANT SOOKIE BACK. Is there a sixth stage of grief?


Right! We’ll be okay.