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Let's Speculate Wildly on the New 'Ghostbusters' Characters

By Vivian Kane | Miscellaneous | January 28, 2015 |

By Vivian Kane | Miscellaneous | January 28, 2015 |

Now that we know the women that will be making up the new Ghostbusters cast, it’s time to speculate wildly about their characters. We’ve been hearing all along that this will not be a straight remake of the original, and that even though no characters have been written (or at least announced), they’ll come with a fresh start. But clearly we need to disregard that and play some Ghostbusters Mix and Match. Besides, the original Ghostbusters were such iconic stock characters, we’re bound to see bits of the archetypes in the new roles.

There’s Peter Venkman, the wise cracking horn dog.
Egon Spengler, the brains.
Ray Stantz: The heart of the Ghostbusters.
And Winston Zeddemore: The everyman.

So how to we assign these roles to our new cast? It’s tough. Every one of them could be a Venkman, focused on getting tail above busting ghosts. Kristen Wiig is an obvious choice:
But so is Kate McKinnon.
And Melissa McCarthy can obviously nail the role.
Ditto Leslie Jones.

This is a tough call, but I’m gonna give this one to Wiig. Because legs.

What about Egon? Again, Wiig could pull off the brainy role, no problem.
McKinnon gives good medical jargon.
We’ve never seen Melissa McCarthy pull off this kind of role, but I bet she could nail it. I mean look! Glasses!
Same for Leslie Jones. She’s not known for playing brainy roles, but she certainly can cut to the heart of matters. That’s not far off the mark.

Verdict: Wiig almost took this one too with the monocle, but I have to give it to Kate for the super scientific butt advice.

On to Ray. Any one of these women could fit the eager, lovable role.

Point goes to Sookie St. James, for sure.

And finally we have Winston. Originally written as a brilliant ex-Marine, he basically ended up being a sounding board for the scientists to describe things in layman’s Twinkie terms. Any of them could play this, but Jones has built a career out of being an outlier, so I don’t even need to see the competition. Point goes to Jones.