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Just a Big Damn List of Awesome Things Related to the Cubs Win Because Why the F*ck Not, WE WON, BABY!

By Courtney Enlow | Miscellaneous | November 3, 2016 |

By Courtney Enlow | Miscellaneous | November 3, 2016 |

I was born and raised in two churches: the Roman Catholic one, and the Chicago Cubs. While I’ve certainly been lapsed in the practice of both religions, there’s only one church I still consider myself part of. And it ain’t the one that changed the goddamn words on me while I wasn’t looking (seriously, I don’t know the words at church anymore—this was very embarrassing when getting my children baptized).

As such, this has been a big couple weeks for my family, especially my father. To finally see the Cubs make it to the World Series—AND WIN!—knowing my great-grandma (the biggest Cubs fan any of us ever knew—old Italian women love themselves some damn Cubbies) never saw this in her 87 years, born 12 years after their last World Series win and dying eight years prior to this one, it’s been a beautiful moment, even for the die-hard Cardinals fans in my family.

I’m still on an emotional hangover (and an actual one—my parents don’t drink wine, so the vessel I selected to drink the wine I brought over last night was a goddamn Christmas goblet) so rather than talk any more about why this is awesome, I’m just going to dump a shitload of awesome shit right here and let you swim in it like a shitpool of awesome. This may have gotten away from me very quickly. There’s no shit here. Let me start over.


First and foremost, there’s Bill Murray.

There’s this Chicagoan, maybe you’ve heard of him, THE GODDAMN PRESIDENT.

There’s this Chicagoan, maybe you’ve heard of her, THE NEXT GODDAMN PRESIDENT.

There’s Marty McFly.

There’s Miguel.


There’s this.

And there’s this.

And there’s this.

This one’s for you, daddy.