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Is the New 'Ghostbusters' a Blatant Cash Grab? You're Goddamned Right It Is

By Vivian Kane | Miscellaneous | June 21, 2016 |

By Vivian Kane | Miscellaneous | June 21, 2016 |

As long as idiot trolls keep tearing their hair and shouting from the YouTube rooftops their claims of misandry, we’re going to point and laugh. Recently, Melissa McCarthy made her views on these dummies known (she said they need a friend, and we kind of have to agree). Now, in a NY Times interview, the rest of the cast have added their own thoughts to the matter.

JONES To me, the people who are crying about, “This is ruining my childhood,” this movie is not for them anyway.

WIIG They need to probably go to therapy.

McCARTHY I think their childhood was pretty much ruined already. If this broke it, it was pretty fragile to begin with. It is good to remember, it is a tiny, tiny fraction that screams. Normal, healthy people don’t stand outside, saying, “You’re ruining my childhood!” There’s one nut on every corner in every city that does it. But so what? The other 300,000 people in a town aren’t doing that.

But it was Paul Feig who had the mic-droppingest shutdown of all. Because among the cries of feminazis! and tokenism!, a lot of people just can’t let go of the idea that this is all one big cash grab, that the only reason any studio would make a movie starring women is to get those sweet sweet dollars. Which is, of course, laughable. First of all, you cannot hear a female-led movie a “risky move” over and over and fucking over, and still take claims of opportunism seriously.

But secondly, as Feig points out, if you’re criticizing a movie for trying to make money, you’re 1. Right, and 2. A goddamned idiot.

I understand, if somebody was remaking The Godfather, I would be like, ‘Wait a minute.’ But when everybody’s like, ‘It’s a cash grab?’ Everything ever made in Hollywood since the beginning of time is a cash grab. That’s why the original Ghostbusters existed. It wasn’t an altruistic thing. Studios make movies to make money, and filmmakers try to make something that will entertain an audience while trying to make money for the studio.