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I'm on a Horse

By Miscellaneous | Miscellaneous | July 20, 2010 |

By Miscellaneous | Miscellaneous | July 20, 2010 |

Unless you’ve been living in barren wasteland for the past few months you’re undoubtedly familiar with Old Spice’s most recent marketing campaign starring one Isaiah Mustafa. The ads market the body wash to men by way of attempting to charm your lady friend with the things she likes and inferring that you smell like a wimp. I find that emasculation is always a proven winner when selling hygiene items to men because nobody wants to smell like a sissy so you’d better musk the fuck up, Alice! Say what you will about the product but the marketing strategy is inventive and the commercials themselves are some of the finest we’ve seen in a long time. Just in case you have actually been trapped in a closet with no handle on the inside of the door, here is the original spot:

Like I said, it’s quite amusing, especially for a brand that more people tend equate with their grandfather’s heady aroma as opposed to a product they would actually use. TK has previously provided us news that Mustafa would like to parlay his body wash fame into larger motion picture roles and I, for one, can’t blame him. Whether it happens or not is really anyone’s guess but we’ve certainly seen stranger things occur. While Old Spice’s campaign doesn’t seem to be losing any steam as they’re now having Mustafa answer questions and comments submitted by fans on Twitter and Facebook (they’re quite amusing) what I’m really enjoying is some of the parodying that other companies are beginning to do with the same formula. Take, for example, this one from the Harold B. Lee Library:

Dare I say that it could be six bajillion times better than the original commercial? I would totally buy that body wash if it was only so I could smell like Jay and get some sweet library loving. The straight A’s wouldn’t hurt either.

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