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Humanity Finds a Way to Debase Itself Even Further After a New Orleans' Woman is Roofied and Raped

By Dustin Rowles | Miscellaneous | October 30, 2014 |

By Dustin Rowles | Miscellaneous | October 30, 2014 |

It may be that kind of day, folks, where it feels like we are piling on with social issues, and where some of you start thinking, “When did Pajiba become this?” But we operate on the news cycle, and some days the social and cultural injustices pile up, and last night’s episode of Modern Family just doesn’t seem to rate when it compares to something as f*cked up as what happened at a country club in New Orleans.

This story comes to us from a longtime reader, jamiepants, and it involves a friend of hers who went to a country club that allows poolside nudity. It was there where Maria Treme was roofied and raped. She woke up with bruises on her body and no memory of the night’s events, and only after reviewing surveillance footage from the club and talking to witnesses did she find out that she apparently had sex with three different men.

Treme notified the police, but by the time they got their sh*t together, it was too late to initiate a rape kit. The roofie had already left her system. No evidence of rape could be collected.

Nevertheless, and against Treme’s wishes, the “clothing optional” policy at the country club was removed, per the authorities. Treme, who suntans in the nude and participates in a World Naked Bike Ride, was disappointed in that decision.

So, we have a woman who was roofied and raped by three men, but who couldn’t press charges because police bungled the case, and on top of that, the country club banned nudity, against her wishes.

How could it get worse? Could it get worse.

Yes, it could.

Over the weekend, someone began posting fliers around the Bywater neighborhood with [Treme’s] face that blamed her for the policy change.

“No evidence of rape,” the flier reads in large letters.

“They’re upset that they can’t nude sunbathe and so they decide to attack a rape victim and that’s disgusting,” Treme’s attorney, Aubrey Harris, told The Times-Picayune.

“As far as I am concerned, to take the nudity away from there is more victim blaming and shaming,” Treme insisted, adding that rape victims could fear coming forward after seeing the way the case was handled.

Nice. Way to go humanity! Just when we thought you couldn’t get anymore vile, you got that extra goddamn mile to prove us wrong.

“Yeah, but Dustin. That’s terrible and all, but this is a pop-culture site. What’s this got to do with us?”

Well, I’ll tell you what it’s got to do with “us.” This is the kind of bullshit that’s going on in this world. That “crazy” death in The Walking Dead or Boardwalk Empire last week may have rocked your world, but this shit is real, and we should know about it.

“But, dude, what can we do about it?” you ask.

I don’t know, man. BE A HUMAN BEING. What can we do about the disappointing final season of Sons of Anarchy or the way that Gotham is f**king up the D.C. universe building? We can get pissed off, is what we can do. We can feel outrage. And if you get pissed off enough, maybe that anger will turn into helplessness because you know that there’s really nothing you can fucking do about it, and then, and only then, will you have an infinitesimal idea of what it’s like to be Maria Treme today. And then maybe you will feel a dash of sympathy for a fellow human being.

Source: The Raw Story