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Here's What a New 'Happy Endings' Season Would Look Like, As Predicted By the Cast

By Vivian Kane | Miscellaneous | May 23, 2016 |

By Vivian Kane | Miscellaneous | May 23, 2016 |

Most of us have probably given up on our dreams of ever seeing another season of Happy Endings. Or at least we think we have, until the faintest mention of the possibility creeps up, and then we rediscover IT’S IMPOSSIBLE NOT TO GET SUCKED IN. For fans of the show, we want more episodes (or a movie! A movie would be fine!) so badly, we keep letting our heart get broken over and over.

This weekend, David Caspe and the cast attended a reunion panel at Vulture Festival, and in addition to some fun facts— Casey Wilson’s catchphrase “a-mah-zing” was the product of her own improvisation; Amanda Peet said she was a fan of the show and then immediately passed when offered the role of Jane and Alex’s sister— they also spoke about what they thought their characters would be up to today, along with the usual “never say never” hope-raising hints. Officially, Alex and Dave were always going to end up together, but Caspe says they were really going to explore the Dave/Penny possibility. Other cast members gave more fantasy-based speculative predictions.

Adam Pally, who played Max, had his own ideas for where his character would be today. “I think Max would somehow have used the way that our country has progressed in the last three or four years, so I believe he would be somewhere in politics,” he said in response to an audience question. Casey Wilson, who played Penny, quickly suggested, “Campaigning for Trump,” leading Pally to say that Max would make a suitable business manager for the Republican candidate.

This idea makes too much sense. It’s upsetting.

See? Perfect.

Eliza Coupe seems sure that Jane and Brad wouldn’t have kids, which led Adam Pally to share a really great take on their relationship:

I do love the dynamic of Brad and Jane, especially now. You don’t see on television married couples who love each other who aren’t stressing about, ‘Oh, are we going to have a kid?’ They were just a married couple that were in love and living in an awesome apartment. It was really refreshing and I still don’t think you see that on television, and you never see a married couple moving as a unit. If there’s a show with a married couple, the problem is the married couple. I think people get married and are OK? I love that, and I liked watching that.

And as for Penny, apparently the cast came up with an… unusual plot twist for her during an extra-boozy dinner the night before.

Max thinks he has AIDS and Penny thinks he looks good because he’s lost a lot of weight,” [Pally] explained. “She has sex with Max and then she gets pregnant and Max has to tell her he doesn’t have AIDS. Then they raise a child together.