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Chr*st! Lighten Up!

By Miscellaneous | Miscellaneous | October 5, 2010 |

By Miscellaneous | Miscellaneous | October 5, 2010 |

Religion is a sensitive subject, which of course, is why it’s such a fun subject to discuss. I’ve been exposed to organized religion for the bulk of my life. I went to church every Sunday until I was twelve (I was grounded for a month for my eventual refusal to partake of the holy institution when I finally made my own decision) and my mother-in-law is a devout Roman Catholic who cried when her daughter and I weren’t going to be married in a holy house. In the last few years, my parents have re-found the lord and took to what can only be called church shopping. Initially I was skeptical and quite derisive in my view of their kicking of holy tires. To me it was amusing and somewhat hypocritical that The One True God has so many different incarnations depending on which sub-sect of whatever faith you decide is right for you. After some consideration though, I found that I was just glad that religion itself was evolving from the rigid and unforgiving doctrine it once employed.

We tend give organized religion a lot of shit around here whether it’s fair or not. I know many, many people who have faith and are fully able to see the funny side of their faith and joke right along with us. I mean, come on, if I were knocked up way back then I’d probably come up with the concept of Immaculate Conception too. I give these types of people a ton of respect (sometimes) as it can’t be easy putting up with people like me who will throw out the odd, tasteful jab every now and again.

Unfortunately the most attention is paid to the asshats who don’t have a comedic bone in their body when it comes to divine faith. You know, the type of idiots that decide to burn the Quoran or protest at funerals or wage Jihad or regal you with tales of your imminent eternal immolation at the hands of Satan. Really, I can appreciate that you take your faith seriously but you can’t honestly believe everything you read. However, if by some chance you can, then please note that Jesus Built my Hotrod.

As it turns out one of these humourless individuals noticed a photo on that he took some umbrage with. Honestly, I didn’t see what the issue was. If we’re to take Creationism seriously, we at least have to consider the prospect of Jesus and dinosaurs co-existing. I know you’re used to videos but, due to the nature of the post, I’ll just give you the blasphtacular link:

The Chive

Now tell me that Jesus wouldn’t have rocked the shit out of a velociraptor.

Note: for those of you offended by the previous statements, please be advised that I am well aware of where I’ll be spending eternity. In fact, I have a standing reservation for dinner.

H/T Superasante

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