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Christine Baranski Defends the Worst Part of 'Into the Woods'

By Vivian Kane | Miscellaneous | December 29, 2014 |

By Vivian Kane | Miscellaneous | December 29, 2014 |

In actuality, the worst part of Into the Woods was, hands down, Johnny Depp’s Big Bad Wolf. But as I’ve said before, I choose to forget he was even part of that movie. They cut his part down significantly enough that it’s really pretty easy to do.

Which leaves us with the second worst part of the movie: the decision to cut the song “No More.” There have been more than a few changes and pre-release teased changes and projected changes to the original play that got the musical theatre geek mob’s ire up. And that is not a group you want to mess with, cause we fight like

Some of these changes were inconsequential, but others severely messed with the play that we knew and loved. The brief scene that replaced “No More,” for example, was a rush job of tying up some character dilemmas, and was, for most of us, wholly unsatisfying. You know who didn’t feel that way, though? Christine Baranski. You may know Baranski from The Good Wife or any of the other billion movies and shows she’s been in. She also completely killed it as Cinderella’s stepmonster in Into the Woods.
And she doesn’t see what the big deal is:

Not much was altered. I think the movie version is remarkably true.
She does, however, admit that the song was missed.
The Baker’s father and the Baker had a marvelous song. It’s a gorgeous song, but Rob had to cut it from the movie because it was one kind of plot detour too many. We had to keep the main story of what’s going to these characters with the giant, he had to keep that forward momentum. The tension in the movie would have been lost if he had done that detour. But for the most part, [it’s] very true to the original.
Personally, I think they shouldn’t have focused so much of the damn giant in the first place, and spent more time with the emotional arcs, but oddly Marshall and Sondheim never called me for my notes. I’M STILL HERE, GUYS, IF YOU WANT TO MAKE CHANGES FOR THE DVD.

Via Zap2It.

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