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Bill Murray's Best Musical Moments

By Joanna Robinson | Miscellaneous | February 2, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Miscellaneous | February 2, 2011 |

You guys heard about how muthah flippin’ Bill Murray crashed someone’s karaoke party last month, right? If not, you can read about it on The Chive and peep his cute ladyfriend while you’re at it. But Murray crashing a karaoke party should surprise no one because the man has proved over and over again that he has a fondness for musical interludes. So here they be, a collection of my most favorite Murray musical moments.

Lost In Translation
Oh, stow your Scarlett Johansson hatred, Murray was great in this flick and I love his morose take on this number.

Did you read in the P. Love today about how Harold Ramis and Bill Murray had a falling out over the tone of Groundhog Day? Here they are in happier times and, look, John Candy! Love!

Saturday Night Live
True story, you can’t stop me from singing “if they should bar wars” every time I hear John Williams’ theme.

Groundhog Day
Oh, stow your Andie MacDowell hatred. No singing here, but some classic Murray charm, no one works a pair of sunglasses like Bill.

Here it is! My very favorite moment! That classic scene at the end of Scrooged when the whole cast bursts into-ha what? What’s that, internet? You don’t have a handy clip that I can post here? But, but, I was led to believe that you had everything I could ever want! I don’t wanna make them click a link! That’s so much work. Really? Siiiigh, fine, put a little love in your heart, Pajibans, by clicking right here.

Joanna Robinson is going to celebrate the close of this second day in February by watching Groundhog Day on Netflix Instant Watch. That’s right kids, it’s there! You’re welcome.

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