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"Believe": The Best Show Ever in My Head

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Miscellaneous | April 30, 2014 |

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Miscellaneous | April 30, 2014 |

I know nothing about this show Believe, but the advertising header image from Hulu is so wonderfully thought-provoking, that I just had to share it in case you missed it. I also had to share with you my mental thought process. Because I’m a giver. You can click it below to embiggen it:


Winter and Channing … the horse is obviously named Winter, well, because he’s white and that’s totally a horse’s name. It’s also possible that he’s a unicorn, because we can’t see all the way up his head, and if he’s a high-horned unicorn (there’s variety you know, they don’t all have a horn right smack between the eyes you mythical beast racist) it might still be lingering up there somewhere.

And that dude is definitely a Channing. I mean he’s no Charming Potato, because he’s missing that ineffable spudness, but there’s a distinct Channisity about him. Probably the denim jacket mixed with the dull eyes. What I’m saying is that Winter is clearly the brains of this operation.

“The Orchestra Project”. Now, I’m thinking that this definitely has to involve a literal orchestra. But a deadly and evil one. Let’s come back to this.

Telekinesis tracking equipment. Hmm, the previous sentence now snaps into focus. The orchestra in question is one played entirely by telekinesis. That is, there are a bunch of instruments in one half of the room, and the musicians play them with their minds from the other side of the room, or perhaps behind a one-way mirror, whichever is more dramatic for the audience, I’d think. But the catch is that those with telekinetic powers are very rare, and in hiding. So the Orchestra Project has built elaborate detection equipment in order to track down these rare souls, teach them to play Mozart, and then enslave them.

So why do Winter and Channing have to infiltrate the project and destroy the equipment? Because the twist is that Winter has telekinetic powers. In fact, Channing has no mind at all (think Hodor except quieter). But because our terribly unprogressive world is not ready for equine equality, Winter uses Channing as a puppet with his psychic powers.

Anyone watching Believe want to confirm that all of this is 100% accurate?

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