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'Last Week Tonight' Says Goodbye To The Election And The Terrible Year That Is 2016

By Emily Cutler | Last Week Tonight | November 14, 2016 |

By Emily Cutler | Last Week Tonight | November 14, 2016 |

We have no idea what Donald Trump will do as president. I don’t say that to put a positive spin on last week’s election or to convince people to give a Trump presidency a chance. I’m saying that because Trump has stated a position, changed that positioned and lied about both so many times during the campaign that we can’t say with any certainty what he wants to do. As of last night, in fact, we was already moving away from deporting all undocumented citizens and the building the wall. We don’t know what he actually plans to do because he’s A) too stupid to have a reliable plan, B) too pathologically deceitful to remember what it is he told people, or C) some combination of the two.

What’s most important to remember is that his lack of a coherent plan is no justification for us not to have one. We need to start making concentrated efforts towards minimizing the amount of bad Donald can do, and repairing the damage done in 2018. Stay involved. Contact your congressperson(s) and senators. Pay attention to local politics. Donate. And mostly, don’t let the horrific bullshit of 2016 grind you down.

Fuck you, 2016. Fuck you forever.