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Gabriels Inferno Trailer.png

Yes, This is Yet Another Movie Based on 'Twilight Fanfiction' Because We Will Never Have Peace

By Kayleigh Donaldson | Film | May 12, 2020 |

By Kayleigh Donaldson | Film | May 12, 2020 |

Gabriels Inferno Trailer.png

It’s a well-known fact these days that 50 Shades of Grey started life as an extended dirty Twilight fanfiction that its author, one SnowQueensIceDragon, changed the names on and published as ‘original.’ E.L. James’s baffling success opened the floodgates for a barrage of Twi-fics to saturate the romance market. Many authors of such fic went on to become big names in the romance world by developing their work beyond the mere act of filing off the serial numbers on someone else’s IP. E.L. James is obviously not one of those people. I’d be utterly unsurprised if it was eventually revealed that Stephenie Meyer had a restraining order out on her.

Now that the 50 Shades movies are finished, I thought we would be at peace, at least for a little while. Ha. The world is never that kind to us. Nope, because now we have ANOTHER MOVIE based on Twi-fic. My friends, let me introduce you to Gabriel’s Inferno.

Written by one Sylvain Reynard, this fic is basically ‘50 Shades but set in a university.’ Did you think 50 Shades just didn’t have enough abuses of power at the heart of its ‘love story?’ Then howdy, is this the book for you. Our Bella/Anastasia is Julia Mitchell, a passive doormat graduate student who gets involved-slash-coaxed into a torrid sexual liaison with the torture Dante professor Gabriel Emerson. He’s just awful in every way, treats her like dirt, controls her every action, and thinks he’s God’s gift to the human race because he knows a bit about Dante. Dude, I did English literature at uni. Me too!

It’s now a movie, courtesy of Passionflix, a streaming service set up exclusively for adaptations of romance novels. It’s a pretty cool idea but no romance fan I know ever talks about their output. The company and this film are the product of one Tosca Musk, sister of Elon. Yes, we continue to look through the looking glass here, people. This movie looks like it was shot on a budget of four, which gives it this strange air of accidental parody. If I didn’t know any better, I would swear this was an incredibly smart, if low-budget, satire of the outdated tropes of romance and erotica that 50 Shades made mainstream, all designed to expose how such misogyny should have no place in the post-#MeToo age of cinema. But nope, this is 100% serious. Enjoy!

Want to know the weirdest f**king part of this whole saga?

Like most pulled-to-publish Twi-fics, this series is vampire-free. The spin-off series, however, puts the vampires back in. So we’ve essentially come full-circle in this cycle of the snake eating its own tail. Welcome to hell, my comrades.

Gabriel’s Inferno premieres May 29th, 2020, on Passionflix.

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