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Box Office Report: Don't Panic!

By Kayleigh Donaldson | Film | March 15, 2020 |

By Kayleigh Donaldson | Film | March 15, 2020 |

Vin Diesel Getty Hearts.jpg

Did you stay in this weekend? We don’t blame you if you did. Frankly, it’s the smartest decision to make right now. Don’t be a d**k! Wash your hands and self-isolate! By the looks of the box office, a hell of a lot of people decided to stay at home rather than check out the new Vin Diesel movie.

The numbers are super-bad this weekend. Granted, we expected this. After Disney pulled Mulan from the schedule, we know that the sh*t was about to hit the Hollywood fan. How much did it hurt? Well, according to Box Office Mojo, ‘this weekend’s top ten combined for an estimated $50.35 million, which is the lowest, week eleven combined gross for the top ten since 1995.’ Ouch. All holdovers from the previous week dropped 60% or more in their grosses. Yikes! The biggest casualty? Pixar’s Onward, which easily took the top spot last week with $60 million, saw that drop an unprecedented 75% this weekend, bringing in only an estimated $10.5 million. So many yikes. Too many yikes.

Things weren’t great for new releases either. Granted, it’s not a peak moment for them right now but with panic in the air and audiences more cautious than ever, studios felt those hits harder than ever. Christian drama I Still Believe managed to outgross Vin Diesel’s Bloodshot but only by around $200,000 and neither of them broke the $10 million mark over the past two days. Things weren’t any better for The Hunt, the much-maligned Blumhouse title which was originally pulled from theaters after Trump tried to blame it for a spate of mass shootings. Bad reviews and a lack of interest combined with, you know, *gesticulates wildly* meant it could only scrape by $5.3 million this weekend.

In limited release news, the Sundance and Berlin Film Festival hit Never Rarely Sometimes Always brought in $18k from four theaters, while rom-com Inside the Rain took in $8k from one location, and the newest film by Sally Potter, The Roads Not Taken, scraped through with $3,853 from three cinemas.

The chances are that these numbers won’t be much better next week, especially as quarantines and self-isolation become the norm for the coming fortnight. What I am interested to see is if streaming services decide to pick up the slack or try to bank on this sudden increase in at-home boredom. Disney+ were savvy in putting Frozen II and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker onto their service many months ahead of schedule. Will others follow suit with similar strategies? Whatever the case, I think it’s clear that the current theatrical model may not come out of this epidemic unscathed.

This coming week sees the release of a whole lot of limited releases and not much else. Surprise surprise.

You can check out the rest of the weekend box office here.

What films have you been watching during the pandemic-palooza? Let us know in the comments.

Header Image Source: Getty Images.