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Philip Michael Thomas Is A Wizard Now

By Mieka Strawhorn | Celebrity | August 20, 2018 |

By Mieka Strawhorn | Celebrity | August 20, 2018 |


If you had asked me earlier today what I imagined one-time, hot shit, Miami Vice pretty boy Philip Michael Thomas was up to these days, I might have guessed he was currently out of work and living in a humble Orange County apartment complex, licking the wounds of a failed music career, and working on a beer gut filled with sadness and regret. I mean, why else wouldn’t we have seen hide nor hair of him since he got fired from Psychic Network and was replaced by Miss Cleo (a move he successfully sued them for)? For someone so hot, and who had such natural charisma and talent, there must be a good reason he’s not working where we can see him.

I mean, I’ve seen this. Can you blame me?

But I would have been wrong. Oh, so wrong. Turns out, PMT is now a very powerful wizard. And one hot zaddy!

I’m sorry, make that wizard/zaddy/vegan food photographer/music producer/”co-writer” (projects unspecified)/Broadway composer, and eventual EGOT; as per his destiny.

After all, PMT is the one who coined the now ubiquitous acronym himself back in 1984! (via The Atlantic):

In an interview with the Associated Press to discuss Miami Vice, Thomas talked about his plans for future success, which he summarized in four letters: EGOT. “That stands for Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony,” he told the reporter, Jerry Buck. “Hopefully in the next five years I will win all those awards.”

Oh, the hubris of youth.

While PMT isn’t doing much acting work these days, he still seems to be cranking out the hot jams. He never did win any of those awards, but there’s no such thing as too late in this business. Maybe he can start with that Grammy. Here’s a track listing of the songs he includes free with every purchase of the cookbook Vegan Recipes For Life. From his website:

Now, Philip Michael Thomas FANS from all over the world can own a copy of Philip’s music CD when they purchase the Vegan Recipe for Life cook book and enjoy listening to All My Love (sensual reggae), Hot Sex-Z-Lady (Salsa), the Original Miami City Anthem My My My Miam…I, Passion Fruit (R&B) and You Can Always Depend On Me (Country Rock)

Vegan Recipe for Life Cook book by Sandi Morais

Photography & Music CD by Philip Michael Thomas (Miami Vice)

That’s right, “sensual reggae”. As if there’s any other kind!

Here’s a taste of My My My Miami which was legitimacy chosen by the City of Miami as the city’s official song in 1993. Eat your heart out, Will Smith!

And of course, you don’t reach zaddy status without providing the batter for a few kids. Here he is with one of his daughters, country singer Imaj.

Imaj (is that supposed to be pronounced like “image”? If so, wow) is one of his ELEVEN CHILDREN. He had 5 with his ex-wife, and the others are from “previous relationships”. All of them - Noble, Kharisma, Sovereign, Sacred, and Imaj, Sacha, Khrishna, India, Gabriel, Chayenne, and Melody (phew, catch your breath, fingers) have just the sort of baby names you might expect from a spiritual, psychic, quasi-Rastafarian with good hair. And from the looks of things, at least half of those kids have got some sort of acting/music careers in the works. You know what they say: If you can’t EGOT yourself, the least you can do is use some of your magical beard powers to help the children along.