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Sarah Silverman Loves Emma Stone, Is Cool with Ex Dating a Woman Half His Age

By Dustin Rowles | Celebrity | August 12, 2021 |

By Dustin Rowles | Celebrity | August 12, 2021 |


I needed another article to fill out the day’s schedule, and I was going to write about director Abel Ferrarra inexplicably pursuing Shia LaBeouf for a comeback role (how many chances does that guy get?), but the notion left me exhausted. I also considered reviewing the Fantasy Island reboot on Fox, but it’s pedestrian and didn’t give me anything with which to work.

How about something … positive? I know, right?! Two stories about celebrities that aren’t irksome in one day! I was listening to an episode of Sarah Silverman’s podcast from a few weeks ago, and someone asked her about her experience on the set of Battle of the Sexes, a pretty decent film inspired by a true story. It’s about the 1973 tennis match between then world number one female tennis champion Billie Jean King (Emma Stone) and ex-champ and male chauvinist Bobby Riggs (Steve Carell). Silverman played Gladys Heldman, the founder of World Tennis magazine and a big supporter of Billie Jean King. Silverman didn’t have many scenes with Carell, so she had nothing to offer in his regard, but she had a lot of very nice things to say about Emma Stone, which aren’t necessarily newsworthy, but I thought they were worth sharing:

“All of my scenes were with Emma,” Silverman said, “and we just fell in love. That was probably the most fun I’ve had on a movie.”

“I’m very happy to report that Emma Stone is the Sh*t. She is just one of the coolest people I have ever known. She was born to make movies … Emma loves making movies. She loves the process. She’s not just sitting on her phone or involved in other things in between shots. She knows every part of every job of filmmaking. The entire crew travels from movie to movie with her like a traveling carnival because she is awesome to work with. I really can’t say enough about her. She’s a real person. She’s not affected. But this is her industry. She’s just made for this, and it’s really fun to see.”

If you want something slightly more salacious, Silverman also talked about May-December romances, and how we should not necessarily judge younger women who prefer older men. When she was younger, she was attracted to older men, for instance, although she now says that she’s not attracted to men her age who like younger women. She also spoke of an ex-boyfriend — clearly Michael Sheen — who began dating a much younger woman after their break-up (Anna Lundberg, 26).

“They’re doing great, and she’s not even half his age. That sounds like a judgment, but I’m just [providing context] because I want to point this out. Even though our break-up was ridiculously amicable … I admit that when he told me he was with this much, much younger woman, I made a snide comment to him about it.

Afterward, I was in the shower, and I had this realization and I called him right away and I apologized, because I was like, ‘Look at me! I yell from the rooftops that ‘love is love’ when it’s anyone else. But when it’s my ex, suddenly it’s gross? I’m the one who is being gross.’ That was ego talking … it has nothing to do with me, his love for her.”

It’s OK to judge a little, Sarah.

Source: The Sarah Silverman Podcast

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