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Oscar Isaac Can't Stop, Won't Stop Awakening the Force Inside Your Pants

By Vivian Kane | Celebrity | December 15, 2015 |

By Vivian Kane | Celebrity | December 15, 2015 |

We’ve dedicated a lot of space in the past to the talented, pants-igniting beauty that is Oscar Isaac. Isaac has been having a banner year, doing funny things to our brains and bathing suit parts with his turn in Ex Machina

And A Most Violent Year, which I hope you’ve gotten around to seeing.

But no matter how strong your Isaac love already was, the last 24 hours have done enough to push us over the edge and face the very serious risk of drowning in our own drool. Because while I said earlier that Joseph Gordon-Levitt “won” the Star Wars premiere, I was wrong. This, clearly, was the best moment from the red carpet.

I didn’t see this coming, but Adam Driver and Oscar Isaac are definitely in the running for cutest celebrity pairing of the year.

I mean come ON.

And then, as if the Star Wars premiere didn’t give us enough besuited Oscar Isaac (NO SUCH THING), we woke up this morning to a GQ cover story profile and photo spread full of longing looks,


Soft serenades,

And SO MANY SUITS! Tan suits!

Denim suits!

Puffy vested suits!

And just in case you think Oscar Isaac’s mega hotness is something new or fleeting, we now have proof that he’s always been this way. The blessed angels over at Screen Crush have dug up old footage of Isaac’s high school ska band, Blinking Underdogs.


Other perfectly named ska bands he was in in high school include Petrified Frogs, Closet Heterosexuals, and The Worms. Here’s a taste of The Worms, featuring Oscar Isaac’s remarkably wiry arms.

Now, just in case those suspenders aren’t doing it for you, try to put yourself in the right contextual mindset. Imagine yourself as a suburban teenager in 1999, heading out with your friends to see the punk/ska show in your local church basement/rec center. THIS BOY?

This boy is late ’90s perfection.

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