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Meghan McCain's Husband Is Allegedly Behind 'The View' Leaks, Here We Go

By Mike Redmond | Celebrity | March 5, 2020 |

By Mike Redmond | Celebrity | March 5, 2020 |


It’s been a long time since we’ve had some hot Meghan McCain gos — Just kidding, it’s all been hot to me. No, wait. Delete, DELETE. — so here’s the Daily Mail with a whole bunch of tea on Meghan’s husband Ben Domenech, noted plagiarist and publisher of the piece of shit website The Federalist.

Without getting too in the weeds, which 90% of this Daily Mail piece does, Meghan has once again found herself ensconced in another feud. This time around it’s with ABC News correspondent Tara Setmayer who used to fill in on The View until someone put a stop to it. You’ll never guess who, but I’ll give you a hint: “HORF THAT JELLER SHOT IN MAH MOUTH THEN FETCH MAH PEW PEW STICK.” (Too subtle? You’re right.) What’s notable about this feud is Setmayer is an outspoken Never Trump conservative, so you’d just assume she’d be aligned with Meghan who loves to fly her anti-Trump flag because he was mean to MY FATHER™. We’re constantly told that Meghan’s a “fierce critic” of Trump, but at the same time, her husband Domenech is quite clearly not, and that’s how this whole mess started.

While speaking at a Never Trump conference over the weekend, Setmayer called out Domenech for “bullying her into silence” after she referred to MAGA hats as a cult. From the Washington Examiner:

“You have millions of these cult followers, because it’s a cult. This has become a cult of personality. I’ve said this for three years now. I got into an argument with Meghan McCain on The View over this and stood my ground. She told me to stop saying that, it’s redundant. I said, ‘No, too bad. It’s the truth.’ She didn’t like that, and neither did her husband,” Setmayer said. She then looked into a camera recording the panel, addressing Domenech. “Hi Ben Domenech, if you’re watching this, yeah, we’re here.”

Setmayer was interrupted by Amanda Carpenter, another panelist at the conference and a former staffer to Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. “I don’t think we should be getting into fights with people on this,” Carpenter said, later attempting to shift the conversation.

“Can I just finish my point really quick since I was interrupted,” Setmayer said. “The reason why I said hello to Ben Domenech is because we were personally attacked for having this conference, because we’re standing on principle and we’re speaking the truth about what’s going on. I used that as an example because that’s what we’re up against.”

“They want us to be bullied into silence,” she said, adding anti-Trump conservatives should use social media to share their opinions. “Is principled conservatism dead? No, it’s not, as long as we’re not bullied into silence.”

A tweet from the Examiner caught Meghan’s attention, which naturally, started a Twitter spat between her and Setmayer.

Long story short, the back and forth between the two stirred up all kinds of dirt about how Meghan talks a big game about being against Trump out of one side of her mouth, but then does her husband’s bidding out of the other, which is not exactly new information if you’ve been reading my obsessive ramblings. It only took me an entire year to clock Meghan for parroting The Federalist talking points on The View. I’m very smart.

Anyway, buried underneath 87 paragraphs of information we already know is one hell of a juicy nugget from the Daily Mail. Namely that Abby Huntsman reportedly warned everyone on The View that Domenech is the one planting stories about backstage gossip. PLOT TWIST.

The insider also revealed that McCain was back to her old ways of causing backstage drama, even after her friend Huntsman quit the show over its ‘toxic’ workplace.

Now The View co-hosts are emboldened by Huntsman’s departing word to them, telling her former colleagues that it is McCain herself who has been using her husband to plant stories about the show.

The source said: ‘Abby told the ladies that Meghan loves playing the victim because she not only feels that it garners her sympathy as a hardcore conservative, but it deflects from people figuring out that she’s been the one manipulating everyone by leaking stories on the show all along.

God, I’ve waited a long time to say this: The calls are coming from inside the mayo!