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Meghan McCain Says Being Pro-Choice Means You Don't Believe in Science, Oh Word?

By Mike Redmond | Celebrity | May 14, 2019 |

By Mike Redmond | Celebrity | May 14, 2019 |


Because abortion is and will always be the number one issue that herds glazed-eye evangelicals into voting booths en masse, Republicans have farted out a monsoon of recent anti-choice bills that are frighteningly taking hold like the recent Georgia heartbeat bill, which bans abortions after six weeks — a.k.a. just about the time you realize your period is late — and essentially opens the door to a litany of ways to prosecute women for not producing a live baby if a sperm even so much as looks at their egg. Case in point, Republican legislatures are no longer being shy about ending exceptions for rape and incest, which has led to tender, Christ-like moments such as this:

As Jessica Valenti also notes, women were already being prosecuted for not fulfilling their sole purpose as perpetual baby cannons before these laws started flying around, so I’m sure that situation is going to get a whole lot better. It’ll be practically magical.

In the meantime, when Georgia’s heartbeat bill came up on The View in the context of Alyssa Milano’s sex strike — which the less we talk about that the better — surely Conservative Cool Girl™ Meghan McCain would have some nuanced thoughts on abortion like her support for LGBTQ rights that goes against right-wing dogma.

Or not. Via The Daily Beast:

After blasting the liberal actress for not giving her plan much thought, McCain went on to say that Milano and others need to understand that “pro-life women” like herself feel they “are completely left out of conversations like this.”

“It doesn’t occur to her that there are women like me that don’t have a problem with this bill,” McCain added.

Turns out John McCain’s daughter f*cking loves the heartbeat bill. What a shocking and unprecedented turn of events — if you completely forget that Meghan also went to bat against “late-term abortions” because as much as she talks a big game about being a vocal critic of Donald Trump, she sure as sh*t promotes every damn issue that will get him reelected.

Of course, Meghan didn’t stop there. And you can tell she was going to say something stupendously dumb in this segment because she was cut off earlier by Joy Behar, and you can visibly see the look on Meghan’s face when she dedicates herself to a path of saying words, any words, even if none of them make a lick of sense. She’s the Daughter of Wordings!

Via Mediaite:

“I think you have to understand for pro-life women like me—which is a strong tenet of who I am I and how I view the world—is I believe abortion is murder,” said McCain. “The idea there is grey in allowing murder in the United States of America…”

At that point, Whoopi Goldberg intervened to say it’s okay that McCain thinks that — but not if pro-lifers try to foist that belief on how others live their lives. As McCain continued to argue with the panel over the science on conception, Goldberg referred to McCain’s position as her “belief,” to which McCain asked “you don’t believe in science?” on abortion.

Goldberg explained by sharing her own view that human life doesn’t begin immediately at conception.

“I’m happy that you feel that way. I want everybody who feels that way to feel that way,” Goldberg said. “What I don’t want is I don’t want anyone telling me what I have to feel.”

Just so we’re all clear, the science is not with a fervently religious viewpoint that every successful splooge is a divine gift from God that must be protected at all costs even if that cost is forcing 12-year-olds to give birth to their rapist’s baby. I barely passed biology, but I believe the terminology we’re looking for here is f*ck all that.

On an interesting note, Meghan often credits her dad, John McCain (they’re related), for her political viewpoints, but the late senator was actually not on board with the batsh*t wing of the Republican Party until he ran for president in 2008. At which point, he made such a drastic and quick reversal on abortion that even his own wife didn’t know about it and was not exactly thrilled to learn that her husband now had the same views as goddamn Sarah Palin, according to The Guardian. Then again, maybe John didn’t tell Cindy because she was being a cunt that day. His words, not mine!

Header Image Source: The View/YouTube