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Meghan McCain Doesn't Understand Kellyanne Conway's Marriage? Let Me Try: IT'S JUST LIKE YOURS

By Mike Redmond | Celebrity | July 17, 2019 |

By Mike Redmond | Celebrity | July 17, 2019 |


Before we discuss why Meghan McCain burst through the wall of The View and said, “Make me look like Smurfette — but with leprosy!” she did something I never thought I’d see in my life: Acknowledged the woman John McCain had procreative intercourse with.

For the record, I wasn’t even going to touch this clip because at first glance, it seemed like it would be an emotional tribute to Senator McCain and helping others in the fight against cancer. In other words, probably not the best place for a Jell-O shot joke, so I hate it.

It was not that. And I know because what the hell is willpower?

Instead, it was a very awkward 90 seconds where Cindy McCain was not only sequestered to the audience (presumably out of concern that she’d call ICE on Sunny Hostin) but took part in a weird, awkward segment where Meghan could barely pretend to act like she wanted her there. It also didn’t help that they were recognizing an awareness day started by Lindsey Graham, who clearly knows how to play the McCain family like a harp from hell. “A whole day just for MY FATHER©?! Defend all the Donald Trump racism you want, Uncle Linds!”

Anyway, let’s get to some bullsh*t.

If you’ve been following these Meghan McCain pieces regularly, then you know that one of my favorite topics to constantly mention is the fact that Meghan is married to the publisher of The Federalist. And I mention it because Meghan is a Harvey Milk diversity award recipient who likes to act super-woke about the LGBTQ community while The Federalist consistently publishes trans- and homophobic rhetoric that gets that community killed. Meghan is also a fan of watching her husband defend her honor by calling late-night talk show hosts homosexual race-traitors. So when it comes to massively hypocritical fart shows calling themselves a marriage, Meghan should shut every hell up. Naturally, she didn’t.

Via Raw Story:

“Her husband is one of the most adamant outspoken people, especially against what he interpreted about the president’s tweets being racist,” McCain said. “My message to George Conway is start at home, okay? If me and my husband were together — no, I’m sick of it. He gets on his high horse on Twitter all the time. If I felt like my husband were getting on TV and saying racist comments and things like this, and I was so outraged, we would be having a conversation.”

She said the conservative attorney loses some credibility every time his wife goes on TV.

“I feel like what she’s doing is abhorrent, and I don’t understand why asking anyone their ethnicity in any situation alone, let alone in front of the White House,” McCain said. “I have stopped taking him seriously, because if I was super close to someone doing this, I would take it to more than just Twitter.”

McCain said she doesn’t understand how George Conway can criticize his wife’s boss and then go home to their family.

Are you for real right now? Yes, Meghan, it is super weird that someone can go home to a spouse who spews hate speech for a living while claiming to be firmly against said hate speech. I guess the question is, how do you do it? Oh, wait, you told us.

Let me make sure I have this straight: The secret to a healthy marriage is handling firearms in a way that even the most diehard of gun-nuts would admit is wildly irresponsible? Yup, the Conways should definitely do that. Or if they’re the more traditional type, MY FATHER© — arguably the greatest American to ever live as evidenced by the gelatinous, nasally fruit of his loins — had a handy trick for maintaining peace on the homefront.

Are you familiar with the word “cunt”?

Header Image Source: The View/YouTube