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'Game of Thrones': Yes, The Night King Can Still Get It. Meet Actor Meet Vladimir Furdik, Who Plays Him

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | May 1, 2019 |

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | May 1, 2019 |


Friends, obviously below there are spoilers for the last episode of Game of Thrones so leave now if you don’t want to know what happened (also, you are an interesting llama, friend. You click on a GOT post, yet you haven’t seen the last ep and also, you don’t want it to be spoiled. I’d like to invite you to my book club. We’ll talk after class.)

For the rest of you who had nodded emphatically the last time I posted about The Night King (high five!) and to those were bewildered, disgusted, or just disinterested, I’d like to revisit the subject once more before I put it to rest, forever. Unfortunately, the Night King is no more, because in the immortal words of Slim Charles on The Wire: S*it, murder ain’t no thing, but this here is some assassination s*it!


Yup. Arya took out the most bangable living creature in Westeros, and while it was satisfying to see her do it, I was sad to see him go.




Goodbye, you strangely attractive genocidal King. We all know you could get it up until the very end when you and your gang probs swaggered in a bit too slowly and as a result, allowed Arya time to get you got. Sigh. We’ll always have the battle of Hardhome.

Anyway—you may have feelings on the Night King’s attractiveness (I certainly do,) but I’d like to introduce you to the man behind the mask, Vladimir Furdik who looks like he could be Daniel Craig’s brother who has seen some s*it in his time. This is a good thing, friends. Here, take a seat and I’ll guide you through his Twitter account.

Not only is his Twitter fodder for people who want to see the Night King in more candid poses (although clearly he benefits from the professional lighting on the show, and I realize that he’s the only one who does. *cough* that episode was way too dark to see anything *cough*) but it’s also a good source for general behind the scenes intel, which probably appeals to a broader audience than Night King thirst.

See, in addition to being the Night King, Vladimir is also the show’s stunt coordinator, so, like, get off my back about the other stuff already, OK?! We have some common interests, here.

His captions are illuminating and endearing.

Although if you don’t like spoilers, maybe don’t follow his account because I imagine a lot of people might have been upset at this reveal:

(Not me, I love spoilers. The more the merrier!)

One more for the road…

So, like, what did we learn here? Well, I bet a lot of your learned if you had to pick between the Night King and Vladimir, you’d probs pick the latter. Which is fine, to each their own.

As for me? I learned that while this post is very current for 2019, in about 200 years some internet archeologists are going to stumble onto the thirst I have documented for the Night King, and either give far too much weight to it or be really, really confused by it.


…and you know what?

I’m OK with that.

Header Image Source: HBO/YouTube