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Attack of the Rich White Ladies: Debra Messing Summons Susan Sarandon to Battle Once More

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | August 13, 2019 |

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | August 13, 2019 |


It is time for Debra Messing and Susan Sarandon to once more meet on the battlefield of Twitter to argue over politics, and frankly, I’m surprised it took Messing so long.

In fact, I’m pretty sure she had set a reminder on her phone for the late morning, sometime in the past few weeks, and kept snoozing it until the time felt right. Perhaps after she had decided what the hell and poured herself a mimosa because it was Monday and the week was already shaping up to be stressful so why not blow off a little bit of steam on the internet before her noon horseback-pilates session with her private personal trainer?


Well, friends, she finally paid attention to that outstanding reminder yesterday and graced the world with this tweet:

I imagine that after she sent that, Debra Messing skipped lunch, because the satisfaction of reminding Sarandon of the boneheaded nonsense she publicly said about Trump spurring a revolution through his presidency while ignoring the real-world implications his policies would have, after he launched his campaign with racist rhetoric (because he is a racist), was succor enough for her soul. Because of course a man who, again, is a racist and has racist policies and who surrounds himself with racists, and props up other racists, would have a very real and immediate impact on people that racists want to hurt because their only currency is cruelty. Only those people affected probably wouldn’t look like Susan Sarandon or have her access to money and resources, so how was she supposed to realize that they, too, must exist and function in this world, which was now made exponentially harder by Trump? Can’t they just join the revolution!?


Sarandon, for her part, responded the only way rich, out of touch white ladies know how (spoiler: she did not ask to speak to Messing’s manager.) No, friends, she took credit for the more progressive platform some 2020 candidates have adopted. Bless.

Then, of course, she spent some time subtweeting, because I guess she had some free time today?

Case in point:

Exhibit B:

Look, when two rich white ladies go at it on Twitter, we all win. By that I mean, none of us have to spend time out of our day periodically reminding Sarandon of that dumb thing she said, and also, we don’t have to keep up the mental energy of a feud with her because it takes a lot of effort nursing a grudge or yelling at people you don’t know on the internet. Additionally, anyone in the service or retail industry can downgrade the heightened level of alertness they need to be on at all times, this week, because the women who ask for extra lemon wedges in their (non-tap) water/want you to take their expired coupons are otherwise engaged at present. We all owe Debra Messing our gratitude and thanks.

I am a person who enjoys messy drama from my celebrities, so this is right up my alley. I’m also a fan of periodically reminding Sarandon about what she said because via some light Googling, it appears she’s never acknowledged what a privileged, boneheaded statement that was, so…


Kate is a staff contributor. You can follow her on Twitter.

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