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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Wants Your Skin to Glow

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | January 28, 2019 |

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | January 28, 2019 |


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, or “Alexandria” as Trump calls her, posted her skin care regime on her Instagram Story and honestly, to anyone who is really into skin care (like me!) it’s not revolutionary, but it’s still good stuff. It’s important to note for any Ann Coulter types lurking around here, that it does not involve any kind of blood sacrifice, or stealing the souls of the innocents—so your methods are clearly your own and whatever demon you made a pact with to be so hateful and score those important invites to Fox News.

Here’s what I love about her post: as a woman who is rapidly moving into my mid-30s, I can tell you that as much as I admire AOC, I would absolutely never ask her about her skin care regime because I’m 5 years older. Which means my skin is 5 years older than hers and requires more at this point. I only ask women my age and older what they use because you want your skin to look like theirs since it’s a realistic goal. Try as I might, it’ll never be like it was at 29, again. So reading between the lines, I love that most likely it was younger women asking AOC about skin care, because they admire her and look up to her in all things. I can’t blame them, I wish I had an AOC when I was younger to look up to.


Let’s get into the skincare though—unfortunately she doesn’t list brands, but I fully hope that we can make up for that in the comments by listing our preferred picks below. Her routine follows mine pretty closely, although I’m kind of lazy and don’t double cleanse as much as I should. When I hit 30, my skin freaked out and I had to upgrade to fancy stuff to keep it from looking like I was going through delayed puberty, so I use the Drunk Elephant line almost exclusively, save for a Tatcha oil cleanser, a Glossier cleanser that I use more than the oil cleanser because you can use it in the shower, and the Luna Oil retinol night serum from Sunday Riley. As lazy as I am, I try not to use make up wipes to clean my face, but sometimes it’s just time to go to bed, so I keep Neutrogena wipes on hand for those, let’s be really honest here, boozy bleary-eyed late night occasions.

If you know Drunk Elephant, you know it’s expensive AF, but for me it really works. I go through about two Vitamin C serums a year and one AHA/BHA night serum a year, so if the initial price makes your eyes water, that’s the usage you can expect. Where it adds up is the moisturizer (Lala Retro Whipped, I don’t like the Protini Polypeptide, too gel-y for me), which lasts me, at most, 2 months. I love it though because you don’t have to use your fingers to scoop any out of the container, their pump dispenser feels much more hygienic. I’ve tried everything in their line, and this is what works for my dry, semi-acne prone face.

If you are interested in trying the brand the one product I recommend above all else is the Sukari Babyfacial acid mask. It’s terrible name, but I get fantastic results, but yeah it definitely burns when you put it on. It’s a potent mix of AHAs and BHAs that just work. It clears up my skin and keeps the fine lines at bay. It, too, is pricey, but it lasts for at least a year and I use it every other day (they say use one-two times per week, but I moisturize my skin like there’s no tomorrow, and don’t double up with any other acids/retinols when I use it, so my moisture barrier is aces.)

Do not buy their macula oil because it is obscenely overpriced and you can buy at a fraction of the cost.

Since I get all my retinol from Mexican airports when I, or my friends travel there (benefits of the West coast!) I will not be paying $75 to try their retinol cream, because I have the good sh*t. So if you know anyone traveling to Mexico anytime soon, ask them to pick you up a tube, which runs about $20. It’s a prescription in the states, but it’s not controlled, so totally legal to bring into the country. That’s why they sell it at airports!

I could devote another 600 words entirely towards face masks (I prefer them to sheet) but to save time, I’ll just mention my favorite: Phillip Thomas Roth’s Irish Moor Mud mask. It’s a creamy, gentle detox mask that is super hydrating. I love it, and as a plus, it doesn’t burn, which occurs to me is a trend in my skin care routine. Anyway, a lot of masks in that line are great, but that is by far my favorite.

Ok Pajiba, share your picks in the comments below, because skincare is one of my favorite topics in the world, second only to deep-state Illuminati conspiracies.

Header Image Source: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Instagram