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5 of the Strangest Things Daniel Craig Said in This 'Male Bonding' Interview, Accompanied By Hot Pictures

By Cindy Davis | Celebrity | August 27, 2015 |

By Cindy Davis | Celebrity | August 27, 2015 |

I love celebrity interviews. Hell, I love celebrities, period. They’re out there fulfilling their dreams — whether it’s to Shakespeare it up, or be famous, or whatever it is that they’re trying to do for themselves — and we get to ogle, be charmed by, criticize, analyze, pick them apart, talk shit about…and, imagine if you did that to someone you actually know? Ooooh. Okay, forget all that. I just really wanted to talk about some choice quotes from this “Male Bonding” interview Daniel Craig recently did, because he said some funny things. I don’t want to hurt his feelings or anything. So Daniel…er, Mr. Craig (I guess I don’t know him well enough to be on a first-name basis), if you’re reading Pajiba tonight, please don’t take anything I write personally. Except when I say you’re totally hot. I used to be unsure, and sometimes I’m still not entirely convinced, but I mostly think you’re totally hot. And I dig your Bond, now. Have a good night, and say “Hey” to Rachel…er, Ms.Weisz.

And now, the weird shit!

1. He Was Totally Overwhelmed When Craig Saw His Hero on His Flight.


�On a flight to New York recently, Alicia Keys and Desmond Tutu were on the plane. I didn�t go up to them. I smiled at Alicia Keys, but I couldn�t look Desmond Tutu in the eye. I wanted to go up to him and fall at his feet. It was one of those situations where I blew it completely.�

I don’t know exactly what Craig meant to do — or say — when he looked him in the eye? Hopefully something nice? Maybe he just wanted to ask for a picture…

2. He Thinks Bars Are Hard.


“Bars are hard, but that�s more because of mobile phones.”

Okay, this one’s only weird because I read that line standalone. In context, it actually makes a lot of sense. And he takes his drinking seriously:

“I�ll do autographs all day long, and I�ll even do a picture at the end of an evening. But if I�m being photographed all night long in a bar, that pisses me off. If you ask, I may say yes, but come up to me and say, ‘Would you like to take a photograph with me?’ If you�re f�king sneaking photographs of me � it�s human nature, you�re sneaking something! I�m being f�ked with! But people don�t see it as a problem. Maybe I�m delusional. I mourn [pub privacy] slightly. I like to have a drink, and I love pubs and I love finding new pubs and places to socialize. But that has a limit on it now.�

Note to self: Ask Daniel Mr. Craig for a photo.

3. He “Heard” Mark Wahlberg (Who Craig Doesn’t Know) Used a Particular Aid for Hangovers, and Decided That Was Great Life Advice.


�There�s this thing called Pedialyte. It�s basically a diuretic; you give it to kids who are dehydrated. If you wake up in the morning and you�ve got one of those on standby and you down the whole lot� you can carry on drinking! It�s the difference between life and death as far as I�m concerned.”

4. He Loves Playing Drunks.


Asked if he misses being able to spend so much time in the pub (because of the phones and cameras) observing drunks…

“Yes, and that�s a danger I think, because I love playing drunks. Drunk, damaged people; it�s like, bring them on!”

5. He Wants to Do More Theater in New York, but Not Broadway because of…People Over 50. (Daniel Craig is 47)


“I�d like to do some theater in New York. I�ve done Broadway and I was happy with that, but I don�t want to do Broadway anymore.”

Reporter: “Why?”


“The audience is all over 50, on the whole, and I think new faces and cheaper tickets are the only way forward. And it�s never going to happen. “


giphy (7).gif

We love you, man!



Cindy Davis, (Twitter)

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