"The Wire: The Musical" -- Experience TV's Greatest Show Through the Magic of Song!
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"The Wire: The Musical" -- Experience TV's Greatest Show Through the Magic of Song!

By Dustin Rowles | Videos | June 5, 2012 | Comments ()

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OK, this is ... well, it's ... it's "The Wire: The Musical," and it's ... show-tuney. And Michael K. Williams sings and dances, and Bubbles is there, DeAngelo, and you'll see Snoop as you've never seen her before.

You'll experience all five seasons of David Simon's fantastic, dense series in 90-minutes of music magic! Then you'll feel slightly traumatized by the experience, and you may never think of Omar the same way again.

In case you need to scrub the memory from your brain, here are the 100 Greatest Quotes from "The Wire."

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  • Idea: 10 Execution: 3

  • Pookie

    I'd go see ” Roots: The Musical “before I'd go see this.

  • coveredinbees

    Dear sweet  jeezuz it's glorious! How long until Deadwood: The Musical?

    Shut your f*cking face, you c*cksuckaaaaaahhhhhh.  *jazz hands*
    (I may have watched too much "South Park" in my youth.)

  • Clitty Magoo

    I didn't have a problem with Piss Christ  so I know I'm an open-minded mofo, but this is heretical bullshit. Don't go desecrating the best television show of all time! 

    That shit's offensive!

  • TherecanbeonlyoneAdmin

    I really dislike musicals. Even most Disney or Pixar sing-songy type films get me to twitching and actively looking for a vocalist so that I can help them with their vibrato by way of throat punches. This, though, this I would see and bask in its Cinderella bullshittedness.

  • MurderBot

    Dear sweet  jeezuz it's glorious! How long until Deadwood: The Musical?

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