Stephen Fry's Interview With This Gay-"Curing" Doctor Might Just Break Your Heart
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Stephen Fry's Interview With This Gay-"Curing" Doctor Might Just Break Your Heart

By Joanna Robinson | Videos | October 16, 2013 | Comments ()


Stephen Fry, he of Fry & Laurie, Jeeves And Wooster, Wilde and eloquent eloquence fame recently conducted an interview with an LA doctor who claims to be able to cure gayness. Despite Fry’s aforementioned linguistic prowess, it’s his gentle non-confrontational approach that produces this startling interview with Dr. Joseph Nicolosi of the National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality. (Please take some pleasure from the way Fry snarls out the acronym “NARTH.”) I believe the phrase you’re looking for here is “hoisted by his own bigoted, close-minded, pseudo-scientific, charlatan petard.”

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  • robbermaiden

    I just...I just love him so much.
    I want him to give me a hug and then sit down with me and some hot cocoa and have a discussion about the human condition and history and feelings and wine and tell me stories about his days in a Bit of Fry and Laurie. Is that so much to ask??

  • mzblackwidow

    what you said :)

  • e jerry powell


    All those retarded hypocritical people who need their luggage lifted.

  • csb

    It's from a two-part series called Stephen Fry: Out There, currently airing on the BBC, in which Stephen travels to Uganda, the US, Russia and Brazil to see how gay people are treated in different parts of the world.

    When they were filming it last year, apparently there was one segment that upset Stephen so much that he attempted suicide in his hotel room.

  • Xander

    Well yeah the doctor is a scumbag. But I am pretty sure he is in it only for the money. Those crazy fundie nutjobs are throwing huge amounts of cash fighting gaynes. It's no wonder a lot of people will come collecting. Sucks for the poor gays caught in the middle though.

  • Hollyg

    The biggest punch in the chest for me was the twist halfway through it. You start feeling and thinking several awful things about the mother and then BANG! You realize she just really really loves her son and was trying to help but had no idea how, probably never having had to deal with something like this before, and just went with whatever possible solution came along and whatever she thought he *thought* he wanted, and then they realized how damaging this therapy thing was to him and quit, and she has never not supported and goddammit BBC.

  • **I AM** NotTheOne

    This exact thing. The part where her voice was breaking when she said that she would support him if he felt like it was something needed to do.

    I had to pause it for a minute.It made my eyes burn.

  • Bell Swerve

    This programme was on BBC this week but I only caught his trip to Uganda. He did a radio debate with a 'pastor' who was obsessed with the physical 'damage' that sodomy/buggery/penetration could do to a man's urethra and yes, penis. When Stephen said that most gay men didn't actually go in for that (including him) the pastor could not move along from his medical argument and the exchange is pretty amusing. There is an interview with a young lesbian which is terribly sad though.

  • XiuFetish

    And Stephen attempted suicide not long after. I know suicidal ideation is common with bipolar, but the shocking homophobia he encountered in Uganda would have to have exacerbated it.

  • stella

    Well now im crying...

  • Ian Fay

    I didn't think my respect for the good Mr Fry could be greater.

    I was wrong.

  • foolsage

    He's such a lovely person. I could listen to him talk all day.

  • Ian Fay

    I really wish some American network would run QI, but it's never going to happen, sadly.

    That's not stopping me from watching it, mind you.

  • emmalita

    YouTube is our friend when it comes to British panel shows.

  • Conor

    It will forever baffle me why it should ever be anyone else's business who you find attractive or love.

    I lose all reason for curvy redheaded women.

    Oh, that's cool, that's natural.

    A friend I used to work with would give his right arm for a date with Nick Offerman.


    Anyone who thinks they have the right to interfere in these matters needs to take a long walk off a short pier.... into a volcano.

    No, I don't know why you'd build a pier there either.

  • bastich

    But if we tolerate your love of curvy redheaded women, then where does it end? Next thing you know, we'd have to let dudes marry kids, or their pets, or horses, or even baby box turtles!

    Think of the baby box turtles!!!

  • BWeaves

    Around here (Florida) we have a type of turtle called a "common cooter." Are you suggesting that men should not be able to bed common cooters?

  • bastich

    Depends. Are they snapping cooters?

  • BWeaves

    Nope, just common.

  • AngelenoEwok

    Upvoted, but, PS: I really hope your friend finds happiness w/ a Nick Offerman-looking guy out there somewhere!

  • Conor

    I'm sure he will, he's an experienced "bear"-hunter at this stage.

  • Ofir Fishkin

    I know Mr. fry is British ad therefore very polite but i really wanted him to punch Nicolosi in the face.

  • mswas

    Just go back and watch the look on Nicolosi's face when Fry tells him he "could easily pass as a gay man." Close enough!

  • Fabius_Maximus

    Unfortunately, the cut to the guy's face could mean that the look on his face was unrelated to Fry's statement. That was shoddy editing.

  • Ofir Fishkin

    That was good but no enough. But he probably is deep down secretly gay.

  • Fredo

    See, I see this as an unfair fight. Because Steven Fry is intelligent and witty and awesome while that doctor is a massive toolbag and a moron and an assclown.

  • SchmidtUltra

    Does this tool of a doctor remind anyone else of a certain councilman/dentist?

  • TCH

    Is that Jon Glaser?

  • SchmidtUltra

    Yep. He plays the amazing douche known as Councilman Jamm on Parks & Rec.

  • Berry

    On a scale of one to ten, how angry do you think the interview would make a fairly liberal godless heathen, such as myself? 'cause I want to watch it, but if it'll give me anger adrenaline rush, I'll leave it till tomorrow morning, when the extra energy will come in handy at work, instead of keeping me awake at night.

  • BWeaves

    It was gentle. Watch it.

  • Berry

    I did. It was good. But is it weird that he seems to focus solely on gay men? Don't gay women exists? Or maybe curing them is just too easy: they just have to be introduced to the right penis.

  • Jiffylush

    Stephen Fry is a fairly liberal godless heathen and he seemed to manage just fine.

  • Berry

    But he also has the advantage of being Stephen fucking Fry. Plus I'm a wimp.

  • emmalita

    He has a lot of practice and he is an amazing collection of atoms.

  • foolsage

    It didn't get me angry at all, but then I'm already aware of the topic. It's mostly just a gentle man (and a gentleman) deftly poking holes in a rather silly theory. Go ahead and watch it.

  • emmalita

    It made me more sad than anything else. Sad for the people who put themselves or others through this. Sad that it happens at all.

  • Robert

    I didn't get too mad. The anger that builds fades away with a very well-executed twist in the presented narrative. The BBC Scientology specials were far more infuriating than this. Fry keeps everything very calm and accessible.

  • Daniel Lewis

    Can we amend the constitution just so Stephen Fry can be President?

  • lowercase_ryan

    I'd settle for America's one and only nightly news host.

  • foolsage

    Whoa whoa whoa, leave room for Stewart and Oliver.

  • XiuFetish

    I'll cut a bitch who doesn't make room for Colbert...

  • Blake

    Nice try Steve Fry....

  • Dan

    My oh my, Mike... Ty...son...

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