Ron Burgundy Interviews Peyton Manning on Sportscenter and It's a Succulent, Scotch-y Delight
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Ron Burgundy Interviews Peyton Manning on Sportscenter and It's a Succulent, Scotch-y Delight

By Dustin Rowles | Videos | December 4, 2013 | Comments ()

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Will Ferrell continues his promotion for Anchorman 2, which basically amounts to him playing Ron Burgundy in various real-world situations (he hosted a local newscast in North Dakota the other night, for instance). Last night, he hosted ESPN’s Sportscenter and got the opportunity to interview Peyton Manning.

And this is the perfect example of why Manning is better than Brady. Peyton have the statistical advantages already, and sure, Brady has 3 Super Bowl rings to Peyton’s one. But, Peyton bested Brady on Saturday Night Live, and is absolutely crushing Brady in the sponsorship deals (thanks to Peyton having the highest Q score in sports). This interview is precisely why: When you’re talking to Ron Burgundy, Peyton knows simply to nod along, play the straight man, and allow Burgundy to create the magic. He just hands the ball off to Burgundy and lets him run through the tackles and score.

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  • That's the guy on the Vicks commercial! I thought he was kind of cute in that.

    That shows you how much I know about football.

  • Helo
  • Helo

    But, seriously. I'd rather stick to comparing them at their day jobs.

  • bleujayone



    Aw fuck it.



    As long as you're kneeling down and praying at the alter of St. Peyton, Let's point out a few kinks in his armor, shall we? No? Tough shit, I'm doing it anyway. Not so much as an irritated New England Patriots fan but as someone just tired of listing to you prattle on endlessly about your football binky.

    First and foremost- the man is the sports world's biggest whore. He will endorse ANYTHING. And I do mean anything. You want to argue that all other athletes do product endorsements? Okay.
    But if I'm going to see Manning on TV for three hours in one day, it
    should be because I watched him play in a game, not because I kept
    seeing him in 30 second increments on a Wednesday evening. About the only thing he hasn't endorsed has been feminine hygiene products and that's only been from lack of being approached. You doubt this? You can't avoid him as he's on everywhere like a basic cable social disease. He has been in dozens of ads, shilling everything with the skill of someone with encephalitis. The most recent of which has been an ongoing series with the King Pizza Douche himself, Papa John Schnatter - a man who makes shitty pizza, bitches about having to pay minimum wage, does everything in his power not to pay health benefits- including terminations, and then gives away a couple million of said shit on shingle pizzas away, pimping away with Peyton at his side. Manning is not a starving artist- he's already richer than God. He could afford to pick and choose his endorsements. He doesn't. He cares not about what he sells as long as the cheddar rolls in. Therefore he's an asshole too. Poetic justice would be if he chokes on one of this cardboard crap crackers in much the same way he does when the games matter.

    Which leads us to Will Ferrel's Ron Burgundy Tour is but a thinly veiled advertising campaign and what do you know Manning is right there whoring his giant head out again. And if you buy that he did this "interview" for free, I have some land in Florida I'd like to show you.

    Now let's go after that other tired and pathetic non-football argument that he did better than Tom Brady on his stint on Saturday Night Live. Let's dispel with the myth; neither one of them did particularly well. That's mainly because they are not actors. Saying that Manning was better is like trying to argue which skyscraper you'd enjoy plummeting off to your asphalt doom below based on the view on the way down- either way in the end you're still fucked. If you're watching SNL no matter who is "acting" for the quality of their thespianism you are asking far too much anyway. I don't really care if my quarterback can act, I want him to win games. Period.

    Now Dustin, I know Peyton is your boy. He could do no wrong no matter how many time he stands there with his arms up in the air with that stupid, whiny pout on his face whenever he screws up in a pressure situation. I know you'll never admit that part of the reason for his grossly inflated stats was because of his lovely temperature-controlled, wind-free and precipitation free atmosphere that never once had to experience raw New England autumn's or deep freezes- because when he does play somewhere like that he flounders on the deck. Which makes it especially baffling why he chose Denver of all places to round up his career (*psst.. it was the money) And I'm sure in typical Peyton Manning Apologist manner you'll already have an excuse on standby for when he inevitably chokes in cold weather yet again no matter what team he plays against despite having a plethora of good coaches, a squad of all-star free agents and a legion mile high club on standby to boost his already grossly overinflated ego.

    When he can win games with a scrapheap roster in the driving snow in a meaning full game versus an opponent that he can't just pad his stats in, come call me. I still won't respect you any more than I did, but at least my ears won't hurt so much.

  • I've said it before and I'll probably say it again in the (near) future, but the only thing worse than a Patriots fan is a Raiders fan. The Patriots are the New York Yankees of football.

  • anikitty

    Cut that meat.

  • Matt C.

    Actually, Manning makes 12 million a year endorsing Mastercard, Papa Johns, DirectTV, Krafts, Oreos, and Gatorade. Brady makes 10 million a year endorsing Nike, Sirius, Visa, Movado, and Stetson. 2 million dollars is a lot, but not in this situation.

  • Al Borland's Beard

    I like to think at some point, Manning will rent out the ol' fivehead for some prime advertising space. So, don't be surprised in the near future when Peyton is doing an interview with "Redtube" scribbled on his head.

  • logan

    And Ron Burgundy isn't funny either!

  • TK

    TL; DR: Suck it, Rowles.

    bluejayone, you are my kind of batshit fucking crazy. I mean that as a sincere compliment.

  • Laura

    So we can't just say this is semi-funny and move on?

  • JJ

    Take it easy, Champ. Why don't you stop talking for a while. Maybe sit the next couple plays out, you know what I mean?

  • Siege

    I'm a New Englander who LOVES Magic Five-Head. Sure, Brady's maybe the best quarterback to ever quarter a back, but he has the charisma of a lampshade.

  • Slim

    Yes. But the Brady Bootlicking Brigade couldn't possibly concede that while Tom is a fine quarterback, he's just no good at self-parody. Something the Brothers Manning seem to enjoy.

  • Helo

    If lampshade charisma landed him Gisele Bundchen, I'm doing something wrong.

  • Siege

    Oh, I'm not saying he's not very, very pretty. I'm just saying I somehow doubt dinner at their house is a laugh riot.

  • Helo


  • NateMan

    I always figured it was more backing a quarter than the other way around.

  • lowercase_ryan


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