Oh Never Mind, This Target Ad Is The Best 'Star Wars' Trailer Of The Day. Maybe Ever

By Vivian Kane | Videos | August 27, 2015 | Comments ()

By Vivian Kane | Videos | August 27, 2015 |

Now I know it was barely an hour ago that I was fanning all over the new Instagram trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and I don’t take that back. It was a 15-second autoloop of awesome. But THIS? This is the best Star Wars ad of the day. And I fully do not care that what this video is actually an ad for is Target. It’s a beautiful tribute to the power of Star Wars, tying together generations of Force-based memories.

Who’s crying? Definitely not me. YOU’RE CRYING. By the way, ShareTheForce.com looks pretty kickass.


Each of those clusters is a different Star Wars character.

And each “star” in the character expands to a corresponding memory uploaded by a fan. It’s a major rabbit hole of nostalgia. The best kind of rabbit hole there is.

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