Bet You Can't Pick Just One: Our Beloved Jesse Pinkman Tries To Choose His Favorite "B*tch"
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Bet You Can't Pick Just One: Our Beloved Jesse Pinkman Tries To Choose His Favorite "B*tch"

By Joanna Robinson | Videos | July 25, 2013 | Comments ()

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I know, I know. We already had an Aaron Paul Is Adorable On Talk Shows post today. But we’re into the final stretch of the last hiatus before the final eight episodes of the last season of TV’s greatest drama. So get over it.

Paul was, well, adorable on “Conan” trying to choose his favorite Pinkman “bitch” moment. He also just says “bitch” a lot while wearing a sharp suit. What more could you ask for, internet?

Added late night bonus? “Breaking Bad” creator Vince Gilligan’s head on a tortoise cake for the official “Breaking Bad” party on the Sony lot.
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I want to go to there.
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  • St

    Gosh that Conan guy is so painfully unfunny. I was watching some of his segments with celebrities sometimes. Like this one. And he is never funny. At all. Like, he tries so much, thinking he is cracking some cool awesome joke but it juts looks uncomfortable and like he tries to hard. I don’t understand why american media went so crazy when he was fired on that dispute with time and Jay Leno. He was not worth it.

    I mean you can take any interview with Jennifer Lawrence or RDJ or Amy an Tina and they are funny. And this Conan comic can’t be funny even when he tries so hard. Even Aaron looked uncomfortable here I think.

  • bbmcrae

    Are you doing some kind of bad schtick with this "that Conan guy" thing? Like he's not hugely famous?

    "why american media went so crazy when he was fired on that dispute with time and Jay Leno" I can't even make sense of that sentence.

    It's okay (but weird and sad) that you don't like him,, try to make some sense and not sound like...whatever you're doing. Just some friendly advice, friendo.

  • apsutter

    Two words: cow house

  • stella

    Hes so great. I just never need to see him cry ever again. It's like watching someone kick a puppy.

  • Kala

    I love all of these Aaron Paul posts. They fill me with joy.

  • zeke_the_pig

    To me, Aaron Paul is the human equivalent to those empathy bellies that men wear to try and feel a little bit what it's like to be a pregnant woman.

    I say this because I'm neither a mother or a woman, but whenever I see Aaron Paul I am overcome with the most ridiculously strong, 'double-check I haven't sprouted ovaries' mothering instinct that I can imagine.

    It's probably due to how incredibly well he's portrayed the humanity, the transformation, and the sheer goddamn vulnerability of Jesse Pinkman, but whenever I see the man behind the character I just want to make sure he's ok, dammit!

    It's definitely not helped by the fact that we're letting him into the cock-fighting ring that is Hollywood. It's double fuckolutely not helped by the fact that his first project is Need for Speed or some shit for christ's sake!

    I swear by my pretty floral bonnet, if those coke-stained Hollywood scumslicks ruin Aaron Paul I'm gonna unleash such a mudslide of unstoppable fury that it'll drive them into the sea.

  • Wigamer

    It's because he flawlessly portrays Jesse as a such a fundamentally pure-hearted person, you just can't stand the notion of anything bad happening to him. His vulnerability and longing to be loved is almost too much to take at times, and seeing him manipulated by "Mr. White,"....gah, it's such a great GD show.

  • lillie

    This gets all the upvotes. I feel the same way about him and according to IMDB I'm only two years older than he is. The greatest thing EVER would be if Aaron Paul somehow actually read your comment because it is golden.

  • mb

    I love you. I'm a woman, but not a mother and not even older than Aaron, yet he brings out that same weirdly intense mothering instinct in me as well. Absolutely amazing actor.

  • emmalita

    Your empathy belly just gave me pregnancy hormones.

  • Anthony

    Can't wait to see the end, but I hate to see it finish. Hands down the best television ever made. The only upside to the series finishing will be the opportunity to purchase the inevitable box-set at Christmas, at least that's what I'm hoping as I have resisted the temptation to buy the individual series DVD's.

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