What We Learned From This Week's Swinging Episode of "Justified"
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What We Learned From This Week's Swinging Episode of "Justified"

By Joanna Robinson | TV Reviews | February 21, 2013 | Comments ()


Things We Learned:

  • First off, we saw the return of Chris Chalk aka "Homeland"'s Tom Walker as that armed, dangerous asshole Jody Adair. But my brain was itching as to who that was helping him out. I'm sorry you're so stupid, brain, it was Kinsey from "Mad Men" (Michael Gladis). OF COURSE IT WAS. Pretentious as ever with his "I'm a filmmaker" catchphrase, he was one bright spot in this otherwise flat plot line. Did you see him steal panties from Katrina's clothing line? That's such a Kinsey move.

  • Instead of focusing too much on the plot that didn't work, let's focus on the one that did. That would be Ava (in her darling Rabbit Fur Coat) and Boyd and their sojourn to Former Sheriff Napier's Sex Party. I loved the "getting ready" sequence with Ava was calming Boyd's nerves (wrong fork, combed hair, pocket watch...the boy's a time bomb). It was not only a sweet moment between the two of them, but Boyd's qualms also came home to roost in a nasty way by episode's end.

  • Okay but I really hated this "Jackie Nevada" thing. Her name is pure Leonard but she's either too cartoonishly fictional to belong in this post-Leonard world Yost has created, or actress Shelley Hennig just isn't up to the task. Plus she is 26. That's Raylan's youngest love interest yet, no? Let's just say I wasn't a fan.
    Raylan, obviously, disagrees. Don't even get me started on his "before we bang into someone's rear end" line.

  • Speaking of ladies, I really like the young woman who plays Johnny Crowder's favorite whore, Teri. This plot didn't go anywhere too interesting this episode, but it's a slow burn and I'm eagerly awaiting the eventual Crowder/Colt explosion.

  • In an interesting power shift, Ava was almost sexually assaulted at the Napier house. Boyd did react with that fantastic "I'm going to keep turning until it pops" line, but this wasn't a deal breaker for him. Maybe it should have been.

  • But back to the plot I hated, Raylan Givens vs. Jody Adair. I don't know why it didn't work for me. We even got a gotdamn showdown in the saloon. I suppose we should have guessed after Shelby was needling Raylan last week about how many men he's shot/killed that ol' Raylan would see more action soon. No offense to Chris Chalk, who I've quite liked in other things, but I don't think this Jody character was compelling enough to warrant such a dramatic end.

  • But the dramatics of Boyd vs. the Clover Hill folk worked quite well for me. Here's that class insecurity that's been building for a while now rubbed in Boyd's face. All the posturing and swagger we've seen (Boyd vs. Preacher Billy, Boyd vs. Wynn Duffy, Boyd vs. Quarles) cracked a bit here. The Clover Hill Powers That Be told Boyd they "allowed" him to get where he is and basically told him he was their boy. That "Crowders do what we say." They even used Boyd's favorite rhetorical device ("do you know what this word means") against him. Boyd got a slight dig in correcting their "placated" to "pacified," but it lacked his usual smirk and vim. Goggins knocked this scene out of the damn park.

  • Despite being saddled with the Jody/Jackie plot, Timothy Olyphant did have a few great scenes this episode. Any time Arlo and Raylan get together, it's a thing of beauty. Apparently those prison meds are good because Arlo appears to be sharper than ever. Raylan's "the son you never had is working against you" line was deeply satisfying, but the best line of this exchange had to be Arlo's "can't help I'm good looking."


  • Erstwhile Porn Star, Jody Adair (Cause Of Death: Three to the chest and one to the head.)

    Deputy Marshal Rachel Brooks and Deputy Marshal Tim Gutterson Line Count

  • Rachel=0
  • Tim=3
    The Mary Jane-esque "go get 'em, tiger" was obviously the better line, but this was the only gif I could find. It ain't bad.

    Favorite Lines:
    "This is some rare, vintage, FBI bullsh*t." -Art

    Who The H&*$ Is Drew Thompson?!:
    We've got two new contenders in Sam Anderson's Lee Paxton and Ned Bellamy's Gerald Johns. A couple of Clover Hill mother*ckers. I'm not a betting man, but if I had to choose between the two, I'd put my money on Anderson of "Lost" fame.

    The Gist: You know I like hammering home the familial connections so I loved the fatherly bookends of this episode. We start with Raylan and Art (the "good" father) and end with Raylan and Arlo. Raylan notices Art's "eyebrow thing" and that Arlo's face "looks like a statue." Yost and company are so good at that kind of mirroring. Between that and Boyd's crushing disappointment, I'm willing to over look the very weak points of this episode.

    Besides, how can we be upset when they gave us this?


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  • Comments Are Welcome, Bigots and Trolls Are Not

    • Dillon

      I'm willing to bet that Drew Thompson is going to end up being Clayton Rohner. He's too recognizable a character actor to be just in one 30-second scene hitting on Ava.

    • Mrs. Julien

      We spent the episode convinced that Jackie Nevada was played by Heather Msomethingwithzs from Gilmore Girls - Luke's daughter.

      It's nice to know you can gun someone down in a bar and still get to the hotel in time for shagging.

    • dizzylucy

      I didn't mind Jackie - the name is goofy but they acknowledged it, but I liked this version of her more than the book version. Don't want her and Raylan to get together, but don't mind her distracting him a bit. They had an interesting chemistry, and her interest might be the little picker up Raylan needs after getting played by Lindsay.

      I disagree about the Jody storyline being flat - the beginning and what he did to the bounty hunter and her guy was startling (I expected her to be a semi-recurring character for a few episodes at least), and it led to Raylan finally shooting someone again - as he told Shelby, it'd been a while. Plus, if nothing else, we got that video. THAT VIDEO. I guffawed, seriously guffawed at the end of that.

      Intrigued by the Clover HIll folks trying to put Boyd in his place. Given Boyd's history and how he handles being backed into a corner, I don't think it will end well for those guys. Just as the mine robbers from Season 2 - oh wait, you can't, Boyd blew them to bits. Looking forward to watching him take them on. And Goggins ALWAYS hits it out of the park. I don't think they can build a big enough park to contain that guy's acting talents.

    • calvinDW

      won't the investigation into Jody's shooting bring some heat down onto Raylan and perhaps shine a glimmer towards his ill gotten gains? Art's replacement will most likely not have the aww shucks thing down at first and try to put some pieces together to form a potentially hazardous but true picture. I feel like his shooting will have some far reaching ramifications.

    • dizzylucy

      I would think so, especially since the guy showed up where Raylan lives, looking to kill him. To anyone doing a routing investigation of the shooting, that's going to raise some red flags.

    • Nathan Convey

      I know they snuck those few seconds of Tim in just to satisfy our craving, but I just ended up wanting more.

    • I thought the Jackie Nevada thing worked for what it was. You could cut the sexual tension between her and Raylan with a flaccid dick. Damn, what a good looking pair.

    • Nadine

      I kind of hated Jody. It was like they couldn't decide if he was super smart, or really dumb. He had moments when he seemed academically intelligent, but then his decision making skills were fucking terrible. Like, his Rage Boner for Raylan just seemed...I don't know, even knowing what happened in the first episode, I just couldn't believe this guy would be that concerned about Raylan.

      I think this might have been one of the first times I realllllyyy couldn't forgive the time line situation with this show. SIx days have passed since the season opener?

      Art cut a dudes fucking throat six days ago, Raylan got his ass bounced off the side of a van and got shot with a bean bag gun THREE days ago? Colt turned up SIX DAYS ago?
      How long has Raylan been in Kentucky? Seriously.

      I genuinely think Raylan could and would have walked away from Jackie Nevada but then he killed Jody, and he fucking executed that dude, he killed him angry. Three body shots and a head shot before Jody cleared the holster? This may be THAT shooting for Raylan, the one he can't, ahem, Justify.

      But back to Jackie, I actually didn't hate that he fucked her. Lindsey disappeared on him. Bounty Hunter lady got shot to death, by Jody. Then Raylan goes and kills somebody for the first time in a while.He's got this sassy young co-ed who is making her own feelings pretty obvious, I mean...I think her IMDB suggested she's only in this episode anyway, so at the end of the day, who cares? This was a weaker episode but it was a break from the Drew Thomson stuff and that means Raylan gets a pass.

      Plus one thing Justified does better than ANY OTHER SHOW EVER is it ties up all the plot lines. Everything is covered. Jody and The Amazing Naked Bounty Hunter were always going to come back so at least it's out of the way and we can focus on the search again.

      I really enjoyed Johnny's scene with Teri. I love Johnny, even though I hate this plot. His stung look at her dismissal of his affection was very sad and telling and also Johnny Crowder is crazy beautiful. Like, his eyes. Srsly.

      I really think it's great that he knows about Ellen May.His scene with Colt was excellent and I wont lie, I do hold out hope that this might be the thing to bring him back on side with Boyd. I would love to see Johnny pick family duty over his own selfish and woefully misplaced(seriously writers) anger. (No, seriously. I do not accept the speech he gave Wynn. His motivation sucks. I think they forgot who actually shot him when they decided he would turn on Boyd, I really do)

      Every scene with Boyd and Ava this week was a gem. Ava seems to have gone back to Nice Ava with her guilt over Ellen May and Boyd's proposal. She's still a badass but she's the badass that rightly clobbered Devil with a frying pan instead of the awful hag that punched poor, simple Ellen May in the face.

      Boyd's nerves over the party were incredible, Goggins cranked it up to 11 tonight. The final scene with the judges made me shudder, not to mention set my mind racing. if Daddy Crowder was so in the pocket of those fuckers then how does that affect the Drew situation?

      Why didn't he ever use his pull with Drew to help himself? Or DID he use his pull with Drew to help himself? Is there some leather bound Crowder Diary with the secrets hidden within?

      Also, new theory;

      Drew is Charlie the Security Guard from season 1 and 2.

    • catagisreading

      If J-Ro was for some terrible reason was unable to recap I would be delighted to see you pinch hit for her.

      You just expressed my feelings re Ava far better than I could. Though my money is on Shelby for Drew, as much as I want it to be Stephen Roots, Judge whose name I cannot remember.

    • Nadine

      Don't even joke because I would jump at the chance. Also d'aaaaw, really? Man.

      Reardon! I want it to be Stephen Root, WITH EVERY CELL IN MY BODY.

    • Not surprisingly (for us, Jo), I loved the Jackie/Raylan dynamic. The actress was right there with our boy. Now mind you, I DO NOT want him to sleep with her, but she could be cute little Marshal trainee.

      The big question is, was that pistachio, or mint, or lime sherbert (doesn't look sherberty, and btw, if anyone calls sherbert "sherbet," I'll kill you myself)?

      I know Ava had a great line, but I can't for the life of me remember it.

    • malikvlc

      "You give as many handjobs as you like" (to Boyd).

    • THANK YOU.

    • L.O.V.E.

      I think the Jackie arc will lead Raylan to realize he is too old to keep up with the youngsters and bring him to a more domesticated state of mind with Winona and the baby.

      Also, the scene from last week with Boyd talking about the Crowder legacy and the future generations was a nice set-up for his meeting with the uppities who are trying to put a Crowder back in his place.

    • ed newman

      Someone help me out here. Since Jody shows up in the season premiere, then meets his end in this episode 6-7 days later, does that mean this whole season has taken place in roughly 6-9 days? Or are we jumping around Tarantino style?

    • lowercase_ryan

      what is the name of the bar Raylan lives over?

    • JoannaRobinson

      The High-Note. Interesting that Boyd and Raylan both essentially live in bars at this point. We never see Ava and Boyd at home.

    • lowercase_ryan

      and both bars are owned by other people

    • yemayah

      Love your recaps, Joanna. The Jody Adair plot for me was a waste of space, although I like the actor. It felt rushed, shallow, and the showdown in the bar was no contest, therefore no tension or excitement. The time would have been better spent on an exciting Marshal raid/case with Raylan, Tim and Rachel-in-charge working together, Art coordinating things. So much more we could have learned about them as a team and individually in a well-constructed scene and aftermath. If we had to have Jody, the killing of Sharon and her partner was horrific enough. Jody should have just disappeared after that and only have Raylan receive that warning video in the mail. At least that would add the element of danger for Raylan (and the audience) that could come from anywhere and anytime. I’d be tense every time he went to his room.

      What a waste of a character/plot device. I had a fantasy that all we'd ever hear again about Jody is that his attorney lodged a complaint against Raylan, getting Raylan in big trouble with the USMS for moonlighting in a forbidden activity and abusing a prisoner. The IRS might also come snooping. Jody's plot value is that since he and Arlo are pre-trial, both might end up in the same lock-up. After learning Arlo Givens was in prison and Raylan's father, he would shiv Arlo, thinking he is hurting Raylan.

      Jody could then lay a SERIOUS rap on Raylan for taking money to capture him, for promising to speak with the prosecutor (ie, make him a witness) and promising to pay him out of the bounty money if he killed Arlo. Jody could then parlay his testimony against a lawman for a lighter sentence and he has money waiting if he ever gets out. Raylan would be in a real mess because he would have already copped to doing an unsanctioned activity! I like drama and suspense.

    • Steph

      It was interesting to me that Raylan told Art that a young girl would never be interested in "an old fart like me". I think even Raylan is starting to realize he's getting too old to interact with women the way he does.

    • Blake

      "Jackie Nevada, a 26 year Old College Student and high-stakes poker player on the run from the law"

      Shelley Hennig is spot on, being 26 and a whole lotta pretty. I'm willing to see where this goes.

    • lowercase_ryan


    • JoannaRobinson

      a) the case is 30 years old

    • lowercase_ryan

      wasn't he on both hills? clover and with the hill people?

    • JoannaRobinson

      Yes. Allegedly.

    • lowercase_ryan

      what do we know about the bartender of the high-note? The male one?

    • JoannaRobinson

      b) he likes bluegrass

    • So it could be Steve Martin.

    • Nadine

      O_o guysssssss thoooooooooooo

    • lowercase_ryan

      I really liked the episode. The Jackie Nevada thing made me nervous. For a moment I saw the whole thing swerving into a Hank Moody type thing where Raylan sleeps with every woman that comes on the show. But the feeling went away.

    • lowercase_ryan

      Chris Chalk will forever be Gary Cooper from the Newsroom to me.

    • toblerone

      NOOO! He will always be Tom Walker from Homeland first and forever.

    • Badger

      This plot-line, and the Jackie Nevada character, were in Leonards book Raylan. It kind of upset me that I knew how Jody was going to die. I'm interested to see if Nevada sticks around. She's adorable and I didn't mind the character at all. Having a person that makes Ray-Ray lose his cool is pretty funny to watch

    • Enrique del Castillo

      This was the first episode of the season where I was actually bored; I liked Boyd's scenes and the one between Arlo and Raylan was good, but the rest was just filler. I'm getting a bit worried.

      Still, I like that The Powers that Be are pressing Boyd to do their bidding; I hope they last longer since it's a theme I'd like to explore more.

      Also, am I the only one that noticed that Boyd has rather nice clothes for a former neo nazi redneck criminal? I like that; shows that he's above the rest of his kin.

    • JoannaRobinson

      My kingdom for Boyd's vest collection.

    • Steph

      Back in Season 2, I was obsessed with Boyd's mining glasses.

    • logan

      Jackie Nevada was just fine. I am a fan.

      The rabbit fur coat I am not a fan of. Not on Anti -Fur grounds but on Anti-FUGLY grounds.,

    • Slash

      I am looking forward to Boyd fucking up the Clover Hill (or whatever it is) people. Those assholes got it coming. I have no doubt it will happen. Because Boyd, even as criminal as he is, is likable. And entertaining.

    • aroorda

      I thought both sides of the episode worked perfectly together, and I'm not just saying that to be contrary. Raylan makes horrible decisions when it comes to women. He wouldn't have even been involved with Jody if he hasn't slept with the female agent back in the day. He's got a kid on the way and he's still acting like he's 20. That's the point the ridiculously named girl was there to make. I loved this episode and it moved the overarching plot forward without the bottle episode feeling some of the past seasons episodes have contained.

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