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What We Learned From This Week's Swinging Episode of "Justified"

By Joanna Robinson | TV | February 21, 2013 |

By Joanna Robinson | TV | February 21, 2013 |

Things We Learned:

  • First off, we saw the return of Chris Chalk aka “Homeland“‘s Tom Walker as that armed, dangerous asshole Jody Adair. But my brain was itching as to who that was helping him out. I’m sorry you’re so stupid, brain, it was Kinsey from “Mad Men” (Michael Gladis). OF COURSE IT WAS. Pretentious as ever with his “I’m a filmmaker” catchphrase, he was one bright spot in this otherwise flat plot line. Did you see him steal panties from Katrina’s clothing line? That’s such a Kinsey move.

  • Instead of focusing too much on the plot that didn’t work, let’s focus on the one that did. That would be Ava (in her darling Rabbit Fur Coat) and Boyd and their sojourn to Former Sheriff Napier’s Sex Party. I loved the “getting ready” sequence with Ava was calming Boyd’s nerves (wrong fork, combed hair, pocket watch…the boy’s a time bomb). It was not only a sweet moment between the two of them, but Boyd’s qualms also came home to roost in a nasty way by episode’s end.

  • Okay but I really hated this “Jackie Nevada” thing. Her name is pure Leonard but she’s either too cartoonishly fictional to belong in this post-Leonard world Yost has created, or actress Shelley Hennig just isn’t up to the task. Plus she is 26. That’s Raylan’s youngest love interest yet, no? Let’s just say I wasn’t a fan.
    Raylan, obviously, disagrees. Don’t even get me started on his “before we bang into someone’s rear end” line.

  • Speaking of ladies, I really like the young woman who plays Johnny Crowder’s favorite whore, Teri. This plot didn’t go anywhere too interesting this episode, but it’s a slow burn and I’m eagerly awaiting the eventual Crowder/Colt explosion.

  • In an interesting power shift, Ava was almost sexually assaulted at the Napier house. Boyd did react with that fantastic “I’m going to keep turning until it pops” line, but this wasn’t a deal breaker for him. Maybe it should have been.

  • But back to the plot I hated, Raylan Givens vs. Jody Adair. I don’t know why it didn’t work for me. We even got a gotdamn showdown in the saloon. I suppose we should have guessed after Shelby was needling Raylan last week about how many men he’s shot/killed that ol’ Raylan would see more action soon. No offense to Chris Chalk, who I’ve quite liked in other things, but I don’t think this Jody character was compelling enough to warrant such a dramatic end.

  • But the dramatics of Boyd vs. the Clover Hill folk worked quite well for me. Here’s that class insecurity that’s been building for a while now rubbed in Boyd’s face. All the posturing and swagger we’ve seen (Boyd vs. Preacher Billy, Boyd vs. Wynn Duffy, Boyd vs. Quarles) cracked a bit here. The Clover Hill Powers That Be told Boyd they “allowed” him to get where he is and basically told him he was their boy. That “Crowders do what we say.” They even used Boyd’s favorite rhetorical device (“do you know what this word means”) against him. Boyd got a slight dig in correcting their “placated” to “pacified,” but it lacked his usual smirk and vim. Goggins knocked this scene out of the damn park.

  • Despite being saddled with the Jody/Jackie plot, Timothy Olyphant did have a few great scenes this episode. Any time Arlo and Raylan get together, it’s a thing of beauty. Apparently those prison meds are good because Arlo appears to be sharper than ever. Raylan’s “the son you never had is working against you” line was deeply satisfying, but the best line of this exchange had to be Arlo’s “can’t help I’m good looking.”


  • Erstwhile Porn Star, Jody Adair (Cause Of Death: Three to the chest and one to the head.)

    Deputy Marshal Rachel Brooks and Deputy Marshal Tim Gutterson Line Count

  • Rachel=0
  • Tim=3
    The Mary Jane-esque “go get ‘em, tiger” was obviously the better line, but this was the only gif I could find. It ain’t bad.

    Favorite Lines:
    “This is some rare, vintage, FBI bullsh*t.” -Art

    Who The H&*$ Is Drew Thompson?!:
    We’ve got two new contenders in Sam Anderson’s Lee Paxton and Ned Bellamy’s Gerald Johns. A couple of Clover Hill mother*ckers. I’m not a betting man, but if I had to choose between the two, I’d put my money on Anderson of “Lost” fame.

    The Gist: You know I like hammering home the familial connections so I loved the fatherly bookends of this episode. We start with Raylan and Art (the “good” father) and end with Raylan and Arlo. Raylan notices Art’s “eyebrow thing” and that Arlo’s face “looks like a statue.” Yost and company are so good at that kind of mirroring. Between that and Boyd’s crushing disappointment, I’m willing to over look the very weak points of this episode.

    Besides, how can we be upset when they gave us this?


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