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Is Alison Brie's Adorably Spastic Return to Rap Enough to Make You Stick With Community?

By Jasmine Markes | Pajiba Love | February 21, 2013 |

By Jasmine Markes | Pajiba Love | February 21, 2013 |

Writer David Foster Wallace would have been 51 today, so here are 46 things of his to revisit today. (The Awl)

If the NFL actually did expand into London, I don’t think these British NFL logos would be that far off. If you don’t fancy monocles, you can piss off. (Dave’s Art Locker)

Google dropped more pictures and videos about Project Glass, the glasses that will let you feel like a cyborg for the high high price of $1,500. As someone who has slapped myself more than once just for vaguely sensing something in my face, it’s not really my bag. I’ll be patiently waiting for my hoverboard instead. (Mashable)

There is a documentary coming out about the late Vivian Maier, nanny and secret photographer, whose extensive collection of work wasn’t found until after her death. (BF)

Parents, pack up your blurry iPhone pics and CVS 5x7s of your crotchfruit and go home. This guy has won at taking portraits of his kidlet. I guess it’s not fair that he’s a professional, but still, gorgeous. (BF)


I feel like I’ve been waiting forever to see Upstream Color, the second film from Primer writer/director Shane Carruth. It’s comes out April 5th, but until then, you can upstream the soundtrack. (/Film)

This is an interesting peek at an anonymous director’s Oscar ballot. Whoever it is, they are really pissed off at Michael Haneke. (Playlist)

Neil Gaiman and Blackberry partnered to produce a series of micro stories (PDF) on Twitter based on months of the year and follower idea submissions. For you creative Pajibans out there, they are seeking submissions for artwork based on those stories. (MS)

Some of these 8 new punctuation marks that are sorely needed are better than others. I know I would wear out the sarcastises button on my keyboard. (College Humor)


Alison Brie has been doing the media rounds, trying to get people to watch “Community” now that it’s finally returned. That includes dropping this little freestyle rhyme on Jimmy Fallon. (A.V. Club) And over at EW, they have the first look at Jeff Winger’s dad. I was one of the Community fans holding out hope that they could get Bill Murray to play the role. But, alas, it’s James Brolin that’ll be filling those shoes.(EW)

Will Arnett has jumped ship from “Up All Night” to a pilot for CBS. Someone call CPS. At this point, the only one left on that show will be the baby. (WG)

You can print out and play your very own fan-made “Breaking Bad” Methopoly game. I call the Heisenberg hat piece. (Unreality)


AWWWWWW SNAP, SON! Shit’s about to go down at a rate of 32 ft/s² in the world of speculative scientific theories based on fictional comic book weaponry. Scientist, Matt “I’m the damn captain of this” Shipman, delivered a big bang to Neil deGrasse “Bite ‘em like” Tyson’s ego when he tried to school my man Neil on his calculations about what Thor’s hammer would weigh in the real world. Even though Shipman came at Big NDT hard, dropping mad knowledge about Mjolnir’s composition and origins, I don’t think Nielio is gonna take this challenge lying down. This science scuffle could easily escalate. Anything can happen when they whip those calculators out. (io9)

Supervillian and real world villains collide in these illustrations. (Curious Brain)


Sony announced the new Playstation 4 yesterday, though they only showed the controller. More information (like when you’ll actually get to buy it) at (Kotaku)

Jake Johnson (everyone’s favorite turtle-faced curmudgeon) walks us through his craziest moves on “New Girl”. I’m just happy to know that I’m not the only one who tries to badly moonwalk out of awkward conversations. (Vulture)

This powerful video on bullying has been making the social rounds and deservedly so. The animation is just a strong as the message.

Why shouldn’t Gollum get a crack at putting his own spin on “I Dreamed a Dream”. If there’s anyone who could draw rock bottom from memory, it’s him.

Jasmine Markes guesses she’s going to have to switch to the Truffle Shuffle to get out of sticky situations.

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