"Game Of Thrones" - "Winter Is Coming"

By TK | TV | April 18, 2011 | Comments ()

By TK | TV | April 18, 2011 |

The show wasn't perfect. The transitions seemed a bit jarring at times, and you could almost feel scenes being cut out, creating an occasionally discordant sensation when the setting would shift. While the production was top notch, the scenes across the Narrow Sea featuring the Targaryens seemed too small, as if they didn't have enough extras or they ran out of costumes. The pacing was steady and even, though at times a bit too much so. That's the consequence of an introductory episode to a show with so much going on -- there's little action, and if folks were expecting a rousing medieval tale of wizards and clashes of swords, well, they'll get some of that, but not for a while.

Those very minor quibbles aside, "Game Of Thrones" was a solid, intriguing start to the series that was unlikely to disappoint Martin's fans. It's a grim, somber affair, densely plotted and filled with rich, multifaceted characters in an intricately created universe. The show promises to do for the lands of Westoros and Essos what HBO was able to do for the Old West -- create a vibrant, violent, mature world. It's free of fancied ideals of what such a fantastical world should be like, and instead a harsh, unyielding depiction of what it would be like. The world of "Game Of Thrones" is no fairy tale and it's no fantasy. It's its own harsh reality, beautifully rendered, and as such should be successful for fans and newcomers alike.

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