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Nicolas Cage Gets Arrested For Losing His Sh*t? Don't Say We Didn't Warn You.

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | April 18, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | April 18, 2011 |

OMG and LOL my darling texters, tweeters and in-betweeners. Despite all anecdotal evidence to the contrary, there is a recent study that claims texting can actually improve your spelling. Here I thought it was the downfall of mankind. 2 funny. (io9)

In other linguistical news, some poor racist nitwit complained to OkCupid about the presence of Spanish on the site. Cause it’s for ‘Murikans, right? So there should only be ‘Murikan werds. The OkCupid folks gave him a David Thorne-esque tongue lashing and, eventually, banned him from the site. (Rip-Off Report)

Speaking of racist nitwittery, Marilyn Davenport’s racist Obama emails frankly shocked me. There are times when Orange County antics make me wish California were two different states. (Angry Black Lady)

Here in my hippie dippie, Nag Champa-scented, Northern California bubble, I had no idea eight states had banned atheists from holding office. That can’t be right. (Friendly Athiest)

Mon dieu, am I allowed to preach peace, love and understanding and then rip on the French? Well, if not, I’ll let this article do my dirty work. (Awl)

I feel safe in snickering at the people who’ve contracted Legionnaire’s Disease from the Playboy Mansion hot tub because, honestly, did the bathers think they would escape that Stew of Humanity disease-free? (LA Times)

Well, I’ll freely admit that we’ve all dipped a toe in Humanity Stew by helping Rebecca Black’s “Friday” video reach 1,000,000 hits. However, how classy (if deeply, deeply untalented) is she to donate proceeds from the song to help Japan? (Marie Claire)

We’re not surprised that Nicolas Cage got arrested for being drunk and disorderly and generally crazy, right? We saw that coming, right? Heed the teachings of hh before it’s too late. (Celebitchy)

Speaking Pajiba luminaries, our very own Cannonball moderator, tamatha, is celebrating a birthday today. Please feel free to make her an elaborate book-themed cake. Need some inspiration? Don’t worry, the Link Wench has your back. (Cake Wrecks)

Also celebrating a birthday today are the Tenth Doctor, David Tennant, and the master of the supercut, Edgar Wright. Here’s Ten with an adorable pet, and Mr. Wright with something even cuter.

All the cuteness must have made me a bit soft because here is a cute animal video. I watched it four or five times. I can’t stop watching them. I am helpless to their goaty charms.

And we close this Monday Love with a fantastic music video. This is a cover of a song I really love, Mark Summer’s cello piece “Julie-O.” However, this cellist has added beat boxing because he’s the most badass cellist that ever was. Well, except for Yo-Yo Ma and, probably, that cellist from The Soloist but I didn’t see that movie on account of it looked terrible.

Joanna Robinson is enjoying the hail out of her retox and will raise a glass of some deeply hoppy beer tonight to tamatha. Email! Twitter!

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