TV's 9 Most Surprisingly Sexy Characters
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TV's 9 Most Surprisingly Sexy Characters

By Joanna Robinson | Seriously Random Lists | November 12, 2012 | Comments ()

Walter White .png

Some TV shows we choose to watch are obviously at least 43% sex appeal. And there's nothing really wrong with that. So go ahead and watch heated arguments between the various Abercrombie models on "The Vampire Diaries," their meticulously gelled hair vibrating with the intensity of their "acting." Or, hey, enjoy the obvious eye candy populating some of our favorite sitcoms. Your Vergaras, Bries and Coupes. But the folks on the list today are the surprises. These are actors that, for the most part, we never thought of "that way" before they landed their current role. But there's something about their character, their performance, their facial hair that caught us off-guard. If you saw them in a magazine spread without any context, you might not quite get it. But whatever they're doing, it's working.

Brendan Coyle/Mr. Bates--"Downton Abbey": I suspect the matinee idol of this ITV import was supposed to be cousin Matthew. But that hasn't been the case, has it? Rather it's the buttoned-up Mr. Bates who hobbled away with all the glory. Though his plot line in Seasons 2 and 3 leave much to be desired, he still continues to inexplicably smolder.
Mr. Bates.jpeg

Louis CK/Louie--"Louie": CK has been on the scene for a long time and while there's always been something alluring about the intelligence behind his stand-up routines, it wasn't until he laid it all on the table in "Louie" that everyone really sat up and took notice. There was a column in this week's issue of "Entertainment Weekly" contrasting the male writer/director/actor tendency to make oneself look good (see Ben Affleck in Argo or The Town) with the female tendency to expose personal vulnerabilities (see Tina Fey in "30 Rock" or Lena Dunham in "Girls). It was a flimsy piece and the sweeping gender bias can be undone with one word: "Louie." It's that vulnerability and unflinching honesty that makes CK so attractive. The cute scenes with his little girls don't hurt either.
Louie .jpeg

Silas Weir Mitchell/Monroe--"Grimm": Somehow, in a show with one of those aforementioned Abercrombie models in the lead, the sweater wearing, cuckoo clock loving hipster werewolf (begging your pardon, "Blutbad") is the sexiest thing going.
monroe .jpg

Lily Rabe/Sister Mary Eunice--"American Horror Story": Regrettably the only female on this list (because of reasons), Lily Rabe was sensational last season on "American Horror Story." But this year, since she's been possessed, she is blowing the doors off the mental institution. Fulfilling all the dark sexy nun fantasies, but intelligently, she's been a total treat and a complete surprise.

David Morrissey/The Governor--"The Walking Dead": Full confession, Morrissey was the inspiration for this list. I've seen him in dozens of BBC productions (most notably "State of Play" and that one terrible "Doctor Who" episode) but he never raised my temperature one single degree. He always seemed bland, like a very tall pudding. But since he swaggered onto the scene as The Governor, I've completely reversed my opinion. (Norman Reedus almost stole this spot after last night's baby-related shenanigans, but my love for him goes back to the Boondock Saints days, so the real surprise here is how long they hid Daryl's sex appeal from the viewers.)
The Governor .jpeg

Benedict Cumberbatch/Sherlock Holmes--"Sherlock": Blah blah blah, he's an alien. Grumble, grumble I don't get what you people see in him. Etc. etc. I CAN TELL YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED "SHERLOCK." If you had, you wouldn't be arguing.
Sherlock .jpeg

Danny Pudi/Abed--"Community": Between the Bries, Glovers and the McHales, Pudi has a lot of competition on the set of "Community." And the lanky nerd is not suposed to draw focus. Maybe it's because he speaks our mildly autistic pop culture language, or maybe it's the times he's put on a more commanding demeanor (e.g. as Batman), but there is certainly something completely, surprisingly sexy about Pudi.

Bryan CranstonWalter White--"Breaking Bad": There should be NOTHING sexy about Walter White. In his earliest incarnations he was a milquetoast, tighty-whitey-wearing symbol of frustrated masculinity. Subsequently he's become an absolute monster. But Cranston's performance is so damn engaging, so completely brilliant, that it's hard to surpress the attendant tingles.
Walter White 2.jpeg

Nick Offerman/Ron Swanson--"Parks & Recreation": The man has somehow outsexed Rob Lowe. Wrap your head around that.
Ron Swanson .jpeg

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  • Donna SHerman

    Yes to Benedict, Swanson, and Pudi. In that I love them. It's interesting, watching Community - my crush trajectory swung from Troy (well, Glover) to Jeff (well, Joel) to Abed (well, Danny), and there is has remained.

    Ooh, and Philip Glenister in Life On Mars.

  • Yemayah

    I know I am late to this party but, just over the last three days, I could not get the comments to load in IE8. Not good, since Pajiba is one of my favorite places. Anyone else have that problem? I couldn't find a solution, so I just downloaded Firefox, and now I am able to read the comments.

  • Yemayah

    I am surprised!..shocked! Walton Goggins is not on this list. The phenomenal, sexy, hot, mega-talented, Emmy-nominated Walton Goggins (Shane Vendrell of The Shied; Boyd Crowder on Justified; soon to be seen in movies Lincoln & Django Unchained, among others), one of the finest- IMO the finest!- American actors. I haven't had cable in years, so I bought the first season of Justified, just based on the reviews. Not only did I become an immediate fan of the show and the star, Mr. Olyphantastic, I also became a huge fan of Walton Goggins, truly surprisingly sexy given his unconventional and intense looks (beautiful to my eyes). I immediatlely borrowed from the public library all 7 seasons of The Shield. I am still reeling from Goggins' performances. That much talent and charisma (and he is a super sweet, brillliant southern gentleman in real life) is super, dripping-wet sexy. And I will not mention THAT cameo appearance (which, somehow, escaped mention on Pajiba) because I don't want to spoil it for anyone. That sealed the deal on surprisingly sexy! He should be #1. Can I get an amen? . .

  • Lillimae

    I HEART BRYAN CRANSTON. That is all.

  • jm

    The truth is lots of girls like me because, let's face it, I'm pretty adorable, and, uh, my aloofness unconsciously reminds them of their fathers -abed

  • DarthCorleone

    Aw. I liked that episode of Doctor Who.

  • KatherineSass

    This list is perfect. Bring on Mr. Bates.

  • Tate

    Jack Bristow, hubba hubba!

  • lillie


  • Weirdly, I had a dream that Mr. Cumberbatch was in need of a flat share. I suggested that I had a room open in this Victorian house I shared with a few friends. He had just moved in and we were getting along swimmingly. Somehow I hid my attraction to him and didn't spook him....

    And I swear I just read this post today. It's like my brain knew he'd come back up in somehow this week!

  • dizzylucy

    Have to admit, there's a little something something about Walter White, Louis, and Ron Swanson.

  • Guest

    I've watched Sherlock and like it, but I still think Benedict Cumberbatch is ugly.

  • zeke_the_pig

    Sooner or later, every motherfucker gets ugly (Meryl Streep excluded). This 'surprising' sexiness is the real, lasting shit. Or, you know, dying young and hot. That lasts even longer.

  • duckandcover

    We could've left Cumberbatch off, simply because the rest of the list was really pushing the envelope and he has a large, ravenous Tumblr following. (Tumblr being the syphilitic eye in the teenage mind these days.)

    I was immediately in a glass case of emotion at Bates.

  • MJ

    Louie CK always whines about how ugly he is, but I think it's a little bit of false modesty. Or if not, at least it's a little bit of fishing for compliments, because the truth is he's a good looking guy to start out with. All the stuff mentioned in this post just bolster his looks, especially the scenes with his TV daughters. No, certainly he's not a model-type pretty boy (obviously) and he has an 'average' American body, but he has a masculine ruggedness that people find sexy. No more whining, Louie!

  • Cree83

    I'm seeing a reptilian quality in a lot of these guys, and I can't tell how that makes me feel. Coyle/Bates though, he's maybe more amphibian. I could totally see him play Toad in a live action version of the Arnold Lobel books. That's not really an insult - there's something I find kind of warm and appealing about Toad.

  • GothDoctor

    Vincent D'Onofrio's Bobby Goren on Law and Order - Criminal Intent. *sigh*

  • lowercase_ryan

    And since this list is man-heavy, please add Julianne Nicholson from Boardwalk Empire. Holy bejesus is that woman breathtaking.

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    Somebody should loan me some upvotes so I can do it more than once.

  • JoannaRobinson

    I adore her. Check out Tully for pure, unadulterated freckles.

  • Miss Laaw-yuhr

    I have always loved her and thought her freckles are adorable. Lovely and unconventional.

  • lowercase_ryan

    Sister Mary Eunice could get me to church. Correction, possessed Sister Mary Eunice could get me to church.

  • Rochelle

    I desperately want that Tiger Beat Walter White poster for my bedroom right now!

  • I've watched Sherlock. I didn't think much of it. And he is still hideous.

  • F'mal DeHyde

    Exactly. I really don't get the drooling fangirl love for the guy although he's a fine actor.

  • Blake

    Adam Scott (Ben Wyatt / Henry Pollard)?

    I'd also add Paget Brewster. Watching her on Criminal Minds I found her completely unappealing, but then Andy Ritcher Controls the Universe changed that.

  • Nat

    OMG, Brendan Coyle! Have loved him since "Thief Takers" years ago. I really should start watching "Downton Abbey" and rekindle our acquaintance. ;)

    I would also put Rowan Atkinson forward, especially as the Blackadder series progessed and his character evolved to be vastly more intelligent than his ancestors on earlier series. And I must add that he's rocking the salt-and-pepper hair lately. Phroar!

  • TheShitWizard

    And here I was thinking I was the only weirdo with a Blackadder thing. Must be as Blackadder the Second though, I think it's something to do with the beard...

  • Nat

    I'll see your beard and raise you the visible codpiece. ;) Though the uniform and 'stache in Blackadder Goes Forth were quite appealing, too. Hee!

  • Wednesday

    My daughter and I just finished watching last night's Walking Dead. Darryl. Badass possum killing motherfucker who protects you with freaking ARROWS and makes babies stop crying. Oh, yeah. That's how you melt hearts and panties, guys, for anyone who's looking for tips.

    (Although to be fair, Glenn also scored points in that episode. Earnestness points.)

  • Bodhi

    I turned to my beloved husband & father of my son & said "Goddamn that is some sexy shit. I'd have his post zombie apocalypse baby in an undead heartbeat". He was the hottest McManus brother fo sho

  • Mel C.

    And Quinn from Homeland.

  • Holly

    Sexy yes, but surprisingly? The guy that played Mr. Whickhan?

  • Mel C.

    You're right. I think I just feel like he goes into the surprisingly sexy category because the women I know had this visceral hatred for his character at first, and then BAM.

  • Rooks

    Oh Daryl. Daryl. A name like a soft sigh... honestly, those "baby-related shenanigans" made me glow. GLOW, for Christ's sake.

    Does Richard Armitage count, or is he too sexy from the get-go? Because he sure was surprisingly sexy for me as Guy of Gisborne, especially since I firmly rooted for (and was very smitten with) Jonas Armstrong, stunning baby blue eyes and mischievous smile and all.... until the scales fell from my eyes and I realized that there was a tall, dark and very handsome bloke there running around in tight leather all damn day. Yes, I'm a bit slow like that.

    Also, Lauren Socha aka Kelly belongs on my personal list. Maybe it's the accent, or just the attitude, or the fact that she kicked Hitler in the balls. I don't really care. She gets me hot and bothered. So does painfully awkward fellow Misfit Iwan Rheon (Simon/"Barry"), whose appeal I didn't see coming whatsoever, until that scene with Antonia Thomas.

    Oooh, and Gabriel Mann aka Nolan Ross. I know he is also one of those who are too pretty, but really - he's got competition. It's obvious that the main portion of the female viewers were supposed to be very much into the two Porters (especially good guy Jack) and maybe even into Daniel Greyson, I mean, just look at the amount of shirtlessness. And yet, of all the Revenge-men, the sexually ambiguous nerdy guy with the purple pants is the one I'd vote for now.

  • celery

    Yes and yes to Lauren Socha and Iwan Rheon!

  • Rooks

    And there I honestly thought I was alone with Lauren. Because, really, her nose is off-putting to say the least, her eyes are really big, but too close together in all. She is not a "pretty" woman. And yet she's... just hot.

  • Oh yes, Nolan Ross and Simon Bellamy. Love them both!

  • I am with you on Nolan Ross. At first, he bugged the crap out of me, and now I sort of want to do terrible (consensual) things to and with him. It's the smile. I do wish Emily would stop treating him like a throw rug, but I suspect that dynamic is set in stone.

    Armitage is sexy from the jump, so I don't know that he counts as surprising as much as "oh, my, words... no words."

  • Rooks

    "It's the smile."
    And maybe the hair? His hair has evolved quite a bit, I recently noticed.
    "do wish Emily would stop treating him like a throw rug,"
    R-Amen to that.
    I see we're on the same page. That makes me happy. This thread in general makes me happy. I should really rewatch Misfits and Robin Hood, and soon.

  • e jerry powell

    But seriously, would Megan Mullally marry just some schlub?

  • Rocabarra

    God I love me some David Morrissey, ever since I saw the Reaping. Whatever you might say about that movie, he has a pretty hot sex-scene in it!

    As for Silas Weir Mitchell - does this mean it's okay now to admit I found him sexier than anyone else on Prison Break?

  • Michelle Kirkwood

    Hey, I love me some GRIMM----I like Mitchell's character because he was funny from the get-go,plus he's got those weird,creepy & funny looking distinctive eyes,plus David Giantoli, who plays Nick the Grimm, is pretty hot himself with that dark hair and serious look---his character didn't strike me as very memorable in the 1st season,but the show (and the character) have improved/grown so much this 2nd season--I'm surprised he's not getting any love on this board. I also like Jeremy Sisto (the dad George on the sitcom SUBURGATORY) that deep,dark voice and the full beard just make him truly hot and smoldering in my book (plus I've always had a thing for guys with beards anyway.)

    Then there's Adam Scott (PARKS & RECREATION) who I find attractive not just because of that big nose (which adds to his attractiveness) creepy-looking (in a good way) big eyes but he usually seems to play sarcastic, snarky dudes (his one scene in the indie film ART SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL actually had me laughing out loud,since he was putting down a classroom of students---check the film,it's worth it.) And yes I have a thing for big-eyed dudes, too. Also Taye Diggs (PRIVATE PRACTICE) he gets hate from some quarters, but screw it, I like me some bald head dudes and Omar Epps (Dr. Foreman in HOUSE--actually, I've always thought he was hot since I first saw him in JUICE 20 years ago--he still hasn't aged a bit with his fine self!)

    Last two I'll 'fess up to liking: Brit actor Martin Freeman (from the current SHERLOCK--he's actually the only reason I even bothered to watch it in the first place) I'd seen him in some goofy British sitcom he starred in some years ago, but it wasn't until I saw the original THE OFFICE series that I really started to notice him--he played just about the only sane character on the show. I have to admit, he's an unusual choice because he dosen't have Hollywood leading man looks, he's not some hot young flavor-of-the-month type,but I just like the down-to-earthiness he brings to whatever few things I've seen him in (he actually had a rare leading role in some indie flick called THE GOOD NIGHT) and he's usually funny as heck,and for some reason I just find that attractive,dang it. Well, he's still gonna be headlining this new HOBBIT flick,whether he's got Hollywood leading man looks or not---i always like seeing actors I like get their time to shine in the spotlight for once!

    Okay, last one: another Brit actor,Rufus Sewell---once again, it's the brooding,dark-haired, deep dark voice and strange-dark looking eyes he's got going for him that does it for me--he's just hot like fire like that. He was on this PBS detective series called ZEN, which gave me a rare chance to see him on TV (not counting that boring as hell 11TH HOUR series) but then it got canceled after only 3 dang episodes,which sucked because I actually got to like it---it was unique and different.

    All right,since both of them have done TV, I gotta mention Idris Elba and Chiwetel Ejiofor (yep,both Brits) they're both hot/talented as hell,especially the latter with his beautiful,expressive,smoldering eyes--plus he's a straight-up star-in-the-making---if neither one of them gets chosen to play the next Bond, I'm gonna quit watching the damn series,period!

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    Wasn't he Haywire on Prison Break?

    If so... No, I'm not sure it is okay. But I sympathize.

  • TS

    David Morrissey *sigh* Have loved the man ever since I saw his somewhat deranged portrayal of Bradley Headstone in the BBC's Our Mutual Friend. The man can do mentally unstable! Plus he outshone one of my other favourite David's in Blackpool - or

  • Aislinn

    I will gladly cop to being attracted to the Governor. I don't know if it's that swagger or those tight trousers, but there is something....creepy-sexy about that crazy S.O.B

  • Rocabarra

    For some reason the rolled up sleeves combined with the tight pants... mmm mmm mmm.

  • Abbey Road

    Totally expected to see New Girl's Nick on here. Maybe he's not un-obvious enough in spite of the bird nose and the no hygiene and the schlubby belly.

  • I didn't get the Cumberbatch thing until I saw this .gif (on Pajiba. hmm.)

  • Esi

    I seriously think you forgot Patrick Steward alias Captain Picard.

  • What's surprising about how sexy Captain Picard/Patrick Stewart is?

  • Esi

    and no, he is better in Downtown Abbey:

  • I do love Mr. Bates, but I think the Anna/Bates love scene was better as an abstract concept rather than an actual thing. Unless jowls really do it for you (no judgement).

  • $27019454

    That scene killed any smoulder he had goin on. Dead.

  • Mel C.

    I would absolutely do Ron Swanson, and I agree that The Cumberbatch is incredibly sexy on Sherlock, but for the longest time, I could only think of him as the creeper ginger rapist in Atonement.

  • PerpetualIntern

    Holy shit I didn't put two and two together with the Atonement thing. Mind.blown.

  • Mr. Bates has always been too much of a sad sack for me to like him, especially as the show goes on.

    I will say, in the times I've watched NCIS: Los Angeles with family, Detective Deeks is surprisingly alluring. Seriously, that show is terrible, but small nipples Vaughn makes it more bearable.

  • crindybluth

    You are braver than me, I didn't even admit this to myself until now.

  • michaelceratops

    I see Silas Weir Mitchell at Whole Foods a lot (Grimm is not only set in Portland, but actually films here) and he is just as weirdly attractive in person as he is on the show. Also very tall and not a douchebag

  • Sirilicious

    Gregory House. Never in a million years you would have thought Bertie Wooster or Hugh Laurie with his Q-tip head to be sexy before that role. Mmmmmmm.

    I'd also do dr. Rosen from Alphas (not so surprisingly), Skinner from the X-files, Tig from SOA (please don't judge me, but that scene with Gemma in season 2(?) was so hot), dr. Lightman from Lie to Me (tiny ugly hot man), Joe from Medium (untill he kept insisting to be the voice of unreason against evidence to the contrary), Burt Chance from Raising Hope (all his roles before made me dislike him, how wrong i was).

    Come on guys, let's have more female surprise sexies! Is it you or the lack of sexy portrayals in TV?

  • dizzylucy

    I can't judge you about Tig because I felt the same way after that scene!

    And I see your Burt Chance and raise you a Boyd Crowder.

  • Sirilicious

    In that case, i am even willing to admit that him lusting after the WrongBoydTransEscort a few eps back, made me tingle again (once the crazy laughter over that cameo subsided). Freud would love me.

    ActualBoyd is teetering on my sexy edge, he could fall at any moment.

  • F'mal DeHyde

    Joe DuBois is not a surprise. Jake Weber is adorable.

  • Sirilicious

    I concede he might be the sexiest actor of the bunch i mentioned (only contender David Strathairn), but i stand by my assessment that he is a surprise sexy character. :o)

  • Genevieve Burgess

    Seriously, guys, where did the kissy-faced Walter White picture come from? Just a fortuitous screen grab, did he actually do that on the show, or is it a behind the scenes kind of thing? Because I swear that's ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT whenever I see it.

    And I'll go ahead and mention Dr.Reid from "Criminal Minds" as long as I'm here. The skinny genius with perfect memory who's fond of sweater vests? Oh so much yes.

  • Tracey

    Yes, but Dr. Reid was actually a model before he landed Criminal Minds. That can't possibly count. Or if it does, I will happily fight you for him. You can pick the weapons.

  • Genevieve Burgess

    True, but with models you run about 50/50 on the attractive/"striking" ratio and I'd argue that Matthew Gray Gubler falls more on the striking but not necessarily conventionally attractive side of things. I'm pretty sure they intended Shemar Moore to be the eye candy on the show, and the floppy haired geek is stealing some of his thunder.

    And why do we have to fight? There's plenty of Dr.Reid for everyone. The show is on A&E like all the time.

  • pnnylne

    Reid FTW! And although its canceled, I always had a thing for Charlie Epps (David Krumholtz) from Numbers.

  • The sexiest thing I saw all week was Ron Swanson having a standoff with Jonathan Banks over the last bacon-wrapped shrimp.

    This, the week I rented Magic Mike and rewatched The Avengers.

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    Not very relevant because I'm a guy, but any week that includes a viewing of The Avengers means ScarJo in the catsuit gets all the sexy points. I even try to resist, and yet...

  • I don't know about sexy, but I totally watch Grimm for Munroe. He's a far more interesting character and a far more flexible actor. Also, he appears to be the perfect boyfriend, neuroses and all.

  • Jill

    I would like to add to the list Matt Ross from AHS last season. He was very pale, batshit crazy (always a plus, really) and seemed to be heavily sweating 90% of the time. But hot damn, dress him up like a man of medicine from the 30s(?) and um, yeah...

  • Pants-are-a-must

    Cumberbatch is only hot as Sherlock, though. Something about the styling and the hair really works for him.

  • PerpetualIntern

    I dunno, I think it's anytime he has a high collar and a covered forehead, a la Parade's End in his WWI uniform. Yum.

  • $27019454

    I agree. And I assert that half the time it's not the actor, but the character.

  • nosio


    Granted, I didn't think he was attractive until that picture of him cradling a baby cropped up on the internet months ago.

    (*I can't help watching Downton without attempting to replicate Anna's accent.)

  • SBrown

    I talk like Daisy in my head for hours after I watch an episode. What is that about?

  • duckandcover


  • BWeaves

    I keep wanting to call him Master Bates, because I'm still 8 years old in my head. I hate, hate, hate his storyline, and the bed scene really squeeged me out, and that's not even a real word.

  • $27019454

    It is now. I will give it life and make it so by using and overusing it from now on. SQUEEEEEGED!

  • forza_rossi


  • So glad to know I'm not the only one confusingly attracted to the Governor. He's clearly a bad, bad man, and yet I'd eat him up.

  • DeltaJuliet

    His voice is the sexiest thing ever.......

  • Definitely...I actually was on a date with a guy who looked similar to Mr. Morrissey. Despite the fact that said guy was years younger, I couldn't shake the similarity and decided that if I couldn't have the real Morrissey, this boring imitation wasn't worth my time. I promptly ended the date and told him I was into dating at the moment.

  • Ozioma

    Pretty much this. I would do so many filthy things to that man, and then watch Walker Heads Network afterwards.

  • pajiba

    My wife would also include Jaqen H'Gar, the Faceless Man of Braavos. He gives me the skeebes.

  • Natallica

    Jaqen is like the brooding aspiring rockstar we all dreamed with in high school.

  • Pants-are-a-must

    A Lady Rowles is very correct. Many a woman have thought a man should be doing other things with his mouth than speaking.

  • Laura

    Was so sad when he switched faces at the end of the season :(

  • Sirilicious

    But he is not surprisingly sexy. He's conventionally hot. Very.

  • JoannaRobinson

    She has the BEST taste in faceless men.

  • BeansnToast

    Second hottest faceless man: Richard Harrow of Boardwalk Empire

  • MGMcD

    Yes to Jaqen and yes to Richard Harrow. Just lots of yes.

  • John G.

    Every man must die. Every man must serve.

  • Sara Habein

    Mr. Bates. MmmHMM. And Mee-YOW and etc.

  • Adrienne Marie

    You are spot on about Benedict Cumberbatch. Before I watched "Sherlock," I thought he was the oddest looking man on the planet. After watching, I was in love. There is something seriously sexy about him once you seem him go all crazy detective on someone.

  • Kailan_Sunshine

    He marched on screen and started beating a corpse with a riding crop and I thought to myself, 'I would have sex with that man...'

  • BWeaves

    He really needs to be seen in action. Still photos do not do the man justice.

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