Top Ten Random Trailers For Horror Movies That You Never Knew Existed

By TK | Seriously Random Lists | May 30, 2013 |

9. Growth -- I can't wait for the sequel, Tumor.

8. Crawl -- I love the ominous one-word title. It's lazy yet efficient. Also, apparently someone at Dreadcentral said this rivals No Country For Old Men. Find whoever said that and bring me his head.

7. Outpost 2: Black Sun -- Don't ask me what happened to Outpost 1. All I know is Nazis and zombies and I am fucking sold.

6. Hellgate -- That is the f*cking Dread Pirate Roberts, y'all. I am disappoint.

5. Habeus Corpus -- I just can't with that title.

4. Devil's Playground -- I'm not gonna lie, you had me at "zombie parkour."

3. Bath Salt Zombies -- This is an actual movie that you can watch on a screen. It has actors and a director and everything. Seriously.

2. Zombie Massacre -- There's an elegant simplicity to the title, I'll give it that. Also, the German accent is MARVELOUS.

1. Osombie -- Shirtless American ninjas fighting zombie Osama Bin Laden? Don't lie, you wept a little at how beautiful this was.

TK acknowledges that there are better ways to spend his time, but he can't help himself. The power of pulp compels him.

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