The 10 Most Completely Forgettable Films of 2012: A Celebration of Mediocrity
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The 10 Most Completely Forgettable Films of 2012: A Celebration of Mediocrity

By Dustin Rowles | Seriously Random Lists | December 18, 2012 | Comments ()


As is our annual tradition (why? I have no idea), we like to commemorate the movies each year that are not otherwise commemorated. These 10 movies are not likely to show up on any year end lists as either the worst movie, the biggest bomb, or the best movie. These movies are the most likely not to be remembered in 2013. They came, they went, they disappeared from our memories, never to be name-checked again.

Let's give a big round of applause to these, The 10 Most Completely Forgettable Films of 2012. I'd provide blurbs for each entry, but I don't remember any of them enough to provide a blurb, even though I've literally seen every movie but one (Fun Size) on this list.

10. Wanderlust (except for this, the single funniest scene of 2012)


9. Fun Size


8. Seeking a Friend for the End of the World


7. The Lucky One


6. Chasing Mavericks


5. Man on a Ledge


4. People Like Us


3. Big Miracle


2. Premium Rush


1. Gone


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  • ,

    I notice a serious lack of melanin in all those posters. What, only white people can make forgettable movies?

  • Mrs. Julien

    They certainly have an easier time getting them green lit.

  • Premium Rush is a real movie? I thought Paul Scheer made that up!

  • zeke_the_pig

    I disagree with Wanderlust, purely on the basis of Rudd's mirror scene.
    I disagree with Premium Rush, because I clearly have a strange, aberrant love for that film that is shared by noone else.
    I disagree with Seeking a Friend for the End of the World because I thought it was sweet, funny, and actually left a lasting impression.

  • Mrs. Julien

    "I clearly have a strange, aberrant love"

    I bet you get that a lot.

  • zeke_the_pig

    'Strange' is often freely interchanged with 'lunatic' or the sound of a possum falling out of a tree, but aberrant is a staple.

  • Mrs. Julien

    They have possums in England?

  • zeke_the_pig

    No, exactly. A badger would make too much sense. And tear your face off.

  • Strand

    That Chris Pine poster is a travesty.

  • Yocean

    Agreed with all my heart and soul. I adored this movie. And I loved it that they did not cop out at the end. What a fantastically thoughtful and whimsically touching movie that was. I remember it so well, so so well.

  • Yocean

    Talking about Seeming Friend at the End of the World

  • Fell asleep reading this list...

  • Jeremy Carrier

    I swear some of these movies came out YEARS ago. They sit in my brain like a vague memory

  • Ash

    Yeah, I feel like people have been hating 'man on a ledge' for years.

  • DeistBrawler

    I liked Premium Rush.

    Sure, the plot was moronic and the timing wrong, but there was some awesome bike riding/chase scenes.

  • Shy

    I did like Premium Rush too. Surprisingly. Did not have any hopes. But it was enjoyable. Good bike riding. JGL was charming. I’m even sad it bombed.

  • Blake

    0. The Dark Knight Rises

    -1. The Avengers

    I had high expectations for both and they were just okay. Both had weak, uninteresting villains with questionable motives and convoluted story lines which manage to culminate in predictable endings. I saw both once and never need to see either again.

    The only one I did see on this list was Seeking a Friend for the End of the World which wasn't a terrible movie (and I only watched because it has Gillian Jacobs).

  • Uncle Mikey

    Amen on TDKR. Implausible in countless ways (SPOILERS: guy can barely walk for eight years but a miracle knee brace makes him a superhero in ten seconds; Instead of killing him Bane puts him in what is supposed to be a miserable pit of horrors, where nobody fucks with him and his roommate is a wise and compassionate life coach; etc., etc.), silly and sappy in others. One quarter the movie The Dark Knight was.

  • YES. That movie was so frustrating. Of course, it didn't help that I simply could not understand a third of the dialogue. I kept having to ask my boyfriend what the fuck just happened? what the fuck did they just say? It was such a disappointment.

  • pnnylne

    I haven't even seen previews for 8/10.

  • TK

    Jesus, I reviewed Man On A Ledge and I still managed to forget that it existed.

    People Like Us was surprisingly decent, though. Schmaltzy and manipulative, but decent.

  • Skyler Durden is not logged in

    Seeking a Friend was one of my favorite movies of this year, and had the single most beautiful, heart-ripping, ugly-cry inducing scenes I have seen since the "To Love Somebody" scene in I love you Phillip Morris.

    Just because no one saw it doesn't mean it wasn't great.

  • Rocabarra

    What!? Wanderlust was unexpectedly hilarious! I would replace it on this list with This Means War for sure. Even the ethereal beauty of Tom Hardy couldn't save that atrocious blob of nothingness.

  • Untamed

    There were a LOT worse films than these released last year. But it seems we're looking at only the ones greeted with fanfare and mucho promotion. And it seems that out of those This Means War was even too forgettable for a list like this. I suggest a shortcut: look to see what film Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon have made that year first.

  • Enas Malakas

    I don't understand the hate for Seeking a Friend for the End of the World,
    the movie was heartwarming.

  • Mitchell Hundred

    Yay, mediocrity!

    I mean, eh, mediocrity.

  • You're missing Men in Black 3. I keep forgetting that that movie even happened.

  • I think that's on the Movies You've Purposefully Blocked From Your Memory list.

  • carrie

    is The Vow released this year?

  • AudioSuede

    I remember the reviews for Seeking a Friend to be quite stellar. If I'm not mistaken, the one from this very site was very positive. Then again, that's just what I remember of it.

    And, aw, I re-watched Wanderlust, and while it's probably David Wain's least funny movie, it's still damned funny.

  • BobbFrapples

    I might still watch "Seeking a Friend for the End of the World," but the rest of these will dry up and blow away never to be seen again.

  • bartap

    Seeking a Friend was quite good, actually and Big Miracle was a decent family movie, if not exactly an Oscar contender.

  • Natallica

    Jennifer Aniston should stop trying to make herself happen

  • She can join Gerard Butler in the Corner For People Who Just Need to Stop.

  • Lee


  • anon

    I will remember "Seeking a Friend ..." very fondly. I thought it was a very good movie.

  • Diabolu Frank

    Flawed though it may be (it really isn't remotely funny, the plot's a poorly thought out mess, and there's no shortage of schmaltz,) and loathe as I am to use this phrase, "Seeking a Friend..." is a film you should turn off your critical mind for and just feel. It will either make you grateful for the happiness you have in this life or keenly aware that you need to make changes while there's still time.

  • Joe

    I also really enjoyed Seeking a Friend. I thought Keira Knightley was just cute as shit.

  • Ruthie O

    Me too! Seeking a Friend definitely made an impact on me as well. After the final scene, I sobbed for an hour, curled in my husband's lap, mouthing "I love you so much!" underneath the dripping tears and buggers.

  • It made me cry, too! So melancholy!

  • Zirza

    I haven't seen it yet, but I was just walking past an arthouse cinema today that had a poster of this movie up and I instantly remembered what it was about, who was in it, that it had had decent reviews and that it was on my to see-list.
    Which is four things more than I member about all these other movies.

  • PDamian

    Loved it. One of the few instances in which I actually liked Keira Knightley. I liked Anna Karenina, but she really needs to give the crinolines and corsets a rest and try some more light comedy. She was charming in Seeking a Friend.

  • fribbley

    I came here to say exactly this - very sweet movie that I will always have good feelings for.

  • Pants-are-a-must

    I resented the existence of the surely-putrid "People Like Us", because I was forced to see a preview of it when all I wanted was a nice Tom Hardy ogling session that "This Means War" was (a movie even more forgettable than all others on this list, apparently).

  • Robert

    I doubt the Razzies are going to forget Gone. What a dog.

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