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The 10 Best Tweets from Fat Betty Francis' Twitter Account

By Dustin Rowles | Seriously Random Lists | April 4, 2012 |

That said, it is kind of funny, and it plays right into the hands of the Internet. It didn't take long for someone to start a Fat Betty Francis twitter account, which has already received the attention of Vanity Fair.

It's more funny than it has any right to be. In three days, it's already racked up an impressive following. Here are the 10 Best Tweets so far from the account.

  • If anyone has a good method for getting powdered sugar into their cigarettes, let me know, because I'm making a mess.

  • Lunch time! Lunch has always been my 3rd favorite mid-day meal

  • Why does everyone keep talking about Twitter "Spam" and more importantly where can I get some?

  • The cruel irony of Bugles is that after eating so many you can no longer stick them on your fingers **Sigh**

  • Sally forgot to take her lunch to school today. I should probably eat it before it goes bad.

  • Just ate some lobster mac and cheese. Haven't had an orgasm this intense since the washing machine incident!

  • The only good thing about Sally getting home from school is that I can smell the cafeteria on her clothes

  • The Betty Francis Bomb: Drop a shot glass full of mayo into a pint of chocolate milkshake and chug!

  • How do you get fried chicken stains out of a blouse? I don't want to let that grease just sit in the fabric and go to waste.

  • I eat my dozen breakfast donuts with a knife and fork, like a lady.

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