I'm the Intimate Stranger, Your Problems Will Be Mine: 5 Actors Who Seem Like They Might Be as Crazy as the Characters They Portray

By Cindy Davis | Seriously Random Lists | September 15, 2011 |

Evidence Stuff We've Noticed: No one believes, not for one second, that Larry David the television guy is any different from Larry David the celebrity guy. Clearly, you are who you are and the idea that TV Larry is the fictionalized version of yourself is crazy. Your shtick is based on you and the things you do and say on "Curb Your Enthusiasm" are just your way of letting out your true self in a somewhat socially acceptable way. We're your friends, Larry, but we're not stupid.

4. Juliette Lewis


Evidence Stuff We've Noticed: Nothing really; we've just seen you on television and heard you speak. You seem a little nutso.

3. Joaquin Phoenix


Evidence Stuff We've Noticed: So you "pretended" to quit acting, "pretended" to be an ass on Letterman's show, made a terrible fake documentary wherein you "pretended" to do drugs and "pretended" to be a really bad hip hop "artist." You might want to stop "pretending" to be a nutcase.

2. Billy Bob Thornton


Evidence Stuff We've Noticed: That whole career change from actor to musician thing, where you got pissed off at interviewers who weren't taking you seriously and dared to speak of your acting? That. That whole thing where you and Angelina (don't think she wasn't close to making this list) wore vials of blood on necklaces? That. That whole thing where you're afraid of silverware? That.

1. Mel Gibson


Evidence Stuff We've Noticed: Everything. All of it. You seem to be afraid of anyone and everyone who isn't exactly like you--not a man, not Catholic, not heterosexual, not a conspiracy theorist, not you. We can only imagine that living in such fear of the world at large has eaten up the sane parts of your mind; perhaps you should consider joining Honorably Mentioned Celebrity, Tom Cruise, on one of the planets in Xenu's Galactic Confederacy.

Cindy Davis may be a little "touched," herself.

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